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From Mathias Bauer <>
Subject Re: An svn question
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2011 08:14:29 GMT
On 26.06.2011 23:15, Michael Stahl wrote:
> On 23.06.2011 19:15, Mathias Bauer wrote:
>> But now I recognized that this idea was based on the wonderful feature
>> that the "git extended" diff format offers. It allows to have file
>> removal, addition or renaming (that includes moves in the tree) or file
>> attribute changes in the diff and by using "hg patch" (and not the patch
>> command of the OS) all these changes apply nicely in the target
>> repository.
>> I didn't find a support for this in svn, but maybe there is something
>> similar or comparable we could use.
> just found this:
> "svn patch will apply unidiff changes to existing files just like third
> party patch tools. It will also add newly created files to version
> control, and delete files and directories which are left empty after
> patching."
> seems like this patch format is finally supported in SVN 1.7.
> pity that 1.7 doesn't seem to be released yet :(
>> Another option would be to commit the initial source code (the code that
>> is directly retrieved from the software grant from Oracle) into a local
>> Mercurial repository, add all the patches and then convert this into an
>> svn repository.
> hmm... perhaps we could first merge all CWSes that are
> nominated/finished anyway into the HG OOO340 repo, then import the
> result into SVN...

We can't look at this only from a technical POV. We also should try to 
avoid more legal work as this will slow down the integration. As I 
wrote, patches are easy as they are owned by those who made them, on 
whatever files. And as long as the base where you apply the patches to 
is "clean", you can't get into legal trouble.

So I recommned to look for ways to integrate open CWS as patches. The 
worst case for this would be to use an intermediate hg repo (created 
from the svn repro), but it will work.


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