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From Andrew Rist <>
Subject Re: Subversion history (was: Wiki, SVN, other resources)
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2011 21:15:26 GMT

On 6/16/2011 12:39 PM, Greg Stein wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 07:18, Mathias Bauer<>  wrote:
>> ...
>> I now have a list of files that IMHO can't be part of the software grant. A
>> list with all other files is worked on by Oracle.
> Umm. I don't think Oracle is working on any additional lists. We have
> to come up with the list of files that we want Oracle to grant us.
Yes and Yes.  I have been collecting a list of all of the content that 
has been identified to this point.
I will continue to add other files/artifacts that are identified.
>> First there are (L)GPL files; I already mentioned the stuff needed for
>> "configure" elsewhere, I'm sure we can solve that. Another part of OOo's
>> code is "libegg", but AFAIK we don't need that at all and we can safely
>> ignore it.
> If Oracle owns these, and if we need or want them, then we need to put
> these into a request.
> If the files have LGPL on them... that is fine for now. We can load
> them into Subversion. Get the product building. Then we can eliminate
> them from Subversion before producing a release.
>> There are some more files that are not owned by Oraclem, but have a clear
>> license:
> We cannot get a Software Grant from Oracle for these. Instead, we will
> grab the source code and import them into a "third party" area of our
> source control (or possibly wherever they would best live; I tend to
> like grouping third party code). As Sam mentioned later, if some of
> this code ends up as "not allowed" in our repository, then we can rip
> it out. Being in the Incubator gives us a bit more flexibility in what
> can live within the repository.
>> ... [list of licenses] ...
> Great!
>> ...
> Sam produced a list of all the files we have a grant to. We know we
> need more than those. Mathias: do you need any assistance is producing
> those lists? I'm assuming not; seems you're on top of it. When do you
> think that you'll have a list we can take to Oracle? Monday or so?
> Longer?
I am following the lists (which Mathias has provided me with early 
versions of).
It is more than just source/make files.  My current general categories 
of file groups are:
  - source/make files not covered in initial SGA  (including files from CWS)
  - binary resources such as artwork
  - translation database(s)
  - bugzilla artifacts
  - web content from OOo
  - wiki content from OOo

In all of the above categories, of course, it is important to determine 
which files/artifacts Oracle has the rights to transfer.
We will also need to work through the granularity, in terms of the 
identification of files/artifacts/resources, for the grant.

I am interested in any additions to this list (in general terms), and 
also in specific lists of files.
(and just for the record, when we are ready to 'turn on the fire-hose' I 
am creating archives of all of the relevant material,
and I'm waiting in the wings to get the transfers going)

> Cheers,
> -g

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