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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Teams and Leads
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2011 13:04:23 GMT
On 16/06/2011 13:49, Ian Lynch wrote:
> But presumably if we want broader community support this list is the place
> to get it? I will talk to the trademark committee but I feel happier if this
> is as public as possible.

Ahhh... I see what you were "testing" in your original email. I thought 
you were testing whether there were sufficient contact points if ooo-dev 
was not felt to be appropriate. I see now you were testing if this list 
could give you an answer.

Let me try and answer again.

The OO.o PMC is expected to police any trademarks associated with the 
project. THe trademarks committee is there to help the PMC interpret the 
policy and, if necessary, to enforce it on behalf of the PMC.

So in my original reply rather than saying "if you were confident that 
your use conformed to the ASF policy" I should have said, "if the PMC is 
confident that your use conforms to the ASF policy they can say so, if 
not they can ask advice of trademarks".

However, the PMC doesn't give permission, the trademarks committee does. 
So if you (as requestor) want formal permission the PMC would have to 
ask the trademarks committee to do so.

Sam has effectively done that in his reply to this thread that was 
copied to the trademarks PMC. Trademarks will assess the situation and 
respond via both the trademarks and this list.


> The trademarks committee will either grant or refuse permission (usually
>> after consulting with the OO.o PMC).
>> Ross
>> [1]
>> --
>> @rgardler


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