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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject About E-mail Addresses/Aliases
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2011 07:27:28 GMT
There have been questions about having an e-mail address.  These e-mail addresses
are not free for the asking.

If you are one of the initial committers or you are invited to become a committer, you will
be issued an Apache user name (unless you already have one).  This is the only way you can
obtain an Apache ID.  The ID becomes your e-mail address:  That is the only
way to have an e-mail address.

You do not need an ID to contribute or to observe any of the public activities and materials
carried out on the Apache site.  You require an ID if you are a committer.

There is more information at <>.

To understand how new committers are selected, and the communications that you will receive,
look here: <>.  This process is accelerated
for the initial committers of the incubator podling.  All initial committers start out as
if there has already been a vote to invite them.

 - Dennis E. Hamilton


 1. After your iCAL has been received and registered, you will be invited to specify one or
more preferred Apache user names.  IMPORTANT: the e-mail address you provide in your iCAL
will be used for the following communications with you.

 2. Choose one or more User Names that would be acceptable to you.  These are short names
that will be used for a Unix account login.  Supply all other information that is requested.
 Return the ID request as instructed.

 3. When your choices are returned, the first request that does not conflict with an already-issued
ID will be used to generate an Apache ID.

 4. You will receive an e-mail, from, that confirms the Apache user name for
you and also provides you with an initial password.  There are also instructions for changing
your password.

I chose orcmid and that was confirmed as my ID.  I will use that for my example:

I used the on-line page to log on with my ID and initial password.  I changed the password
to one that I generated for myself.

 5. The ID will also be your Apache e-mail account name.  For myself, I now have
 The account will be set up to forward to the e-mail address you supplied on your iCAL.  After
you have the account there is also a way to associate your Apache e-mail address with additional
e-mail addresses that you have.

 6. The ID and password will allow you to check in changes and new additions on the Apache
SVN repository for the incubator repository.  The ability to check in material
on the SVN repository is important for more than code.  All committers will have an use for

 7. The ID and password will allow you to login to a personal Unix account on Apache server  You can produce a personal web site at this account as well as use it
as a regular Unix (specifically, FreeBSD) account.  You do not need to be able to use this
account.  You may find it useful as you become more accomplished as a committer.  

    - - - - - - - - - - -

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