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Subject svn commit: r1606573 - /openoffice/ooo-site/trunk/content/fi/download/msg_prop_l10n_fi.js
Date Sun, 29 Jun 2014 19:19:52 GMT
Author: marcus
Date: Sun Jun 29 19:19:52 2014
New Revision: 1606573

Added file with all strings that needs to be translated

    openoffice/ooo-site/trunk/content/fi/download/msg_prop_l10n_fi.js   (with props)

Added: openoffice/ooo-site/trunk/content/fi/download/msg_prop_l10n_fi.js
--- openoffice/ooo-site/trunk/content/fi/download/msg_prop_l10n_fi.js (added)
+++ openoffice/ooo-site/trunk/content/fi/download/msg_prop_l10n_fi.js Sun Jun 29 19:19:52
@@ -0,0 +1,240 @@
+/* This file is to maintain text information that can be used on the download webpage via
JavaScript when
+ * including this file.
+ *
+ * Instead of hard coded text in the green box please use these variables and translate it
to your favorite language.
+ *
+ * Wrong:   "Download Apache OpenOffice"
+ * Correct: l10n_download_green_box_headline_text
+// The following variables are used in the "index.html" file:
+// Set a specific language ISO code to force to assemble a download link with a certain language.
+NL_LANG							= "fi";
+// General:
+var l10n_download_headline_text				= "Apache OpenOffice Download";
+// Download: Strings in the green box (used in "index.html").
+var l10n_download_green_box_headline_text		= "Download Apache OpenOffice";
+var l10n_download_green_box_headline_title		= "Download Apache OpenOffice for your favorite
operating system, language and version";
+var l10n_download_green_box_subtext1_text		= "Hosted by - A trusted website";
+var l10n_download_green_box_subtext1_title		= "Apache OpenOffice binary files are hosted
by - A trusted website";
+var l10n_download_green_box_subtext2_text		= "Select your favorite operating system, language
and version";
+var l10n_download_green_box_subtext2_title		= "Select your favorite operating system, language
and version";
+var l10n_download_green_box_selectbox_os_title		= "Select your favorite operating system";
+var l10n_download_green_box_selectbox_lang_title	= "Select your favorite language";
+var l10n_download_green_box_selectbox_ver_title		= "Select your favorite release version";
+// Download: Strings in the sub-green box (used in "index.html").
+// Download: Strings in the yellow box (used in "index.html").
+// Download: Strings in the sub-yellow box (used in "index.html").
+// Share: Strings in the light-blue box (used in "index.html").
+var l10n_share_light_blue_box_headline_text		= "Help Spread the Word";
+var l10n_share_light_blue_box_headline_title		= "Help spread the word and tell your friends
about Apache OpenOffice";
+var l10n_share_light_blue_box_text_text			= "Please tell your friends about Apache OpenOffice:";
+var l10n_share_light_blue_box_text_title		= "Help spread the word and tell your friends about
Apache OpenOffice";
+var l10n_share_light_blue_box_facebook_title		= "Please tell your friends about Apache OpenOffice
via Facebook";
+var l10n_share_light_blue_box_facebook_alt		= "Share on Facebook";
+var l10n_share_light_blue_box_twitter_title		= "Please tell your friends about Apache OpenOffice
via Twitter";
+var l10n_share_light_blue_box_twitter_alt		= "Share on Twitter";
+var l10n_share_light_blue_box_googleplus_title		= "Please tell your friends about Apache
OpenOffice via Google+";
+var l10n_share_light_blue_box_googleplus_alt		= "Share on Google+";
+// Extensions: Strings in the blue box (top) (used in "index.html").
+var l10n_ext_blue_box_headline_text			= "Get Apache OpenOffice Extensions and Dictionaries";
+var l10n_ext_blue_box_headline_title			= "Choose from a wide range of additional and individual
+var l10n_ext_blue_box_text_text				= "Extend your Apache OpenOffice functionality with a
large and growing library of extensions and dictionaries from other users.";
+var l10n_ext_blue_box_text_title			= "Choose from a wide range of additional and individual
+// Templates: Strings in the blue box (bottom) (used in "index.html").
+var l10n_tlp_blue_box_headline_text			= "Get Apache OpenOffice Templates";
+var l10n_tlp_blue_box_headline_title			= "Choose from a wide range of additional and individual
+var l10n_tlp_blue_box_text_text				= "Extend your Apache OpenOffice creativity with a large
and growing library of templates from other users.";
+var l10n_tlp_blue_box_text_title			= "Choose from a wide range of additional and individual
+// Strings in the navigation bar (used in "index.html").
+// Release Information
+var l10n_nav_headline_1_text				= "Release Information";
+var l10n_nav_release_notes_text				= "Release Notes";
+var l10n_nav_release_notes_title			= "What is new, what has been improved in Apache OpenOffice?";
+var l10n_nav_sysreq_text				= "System Requirements";
+var l10n_nav_sysreq_title				= "HDD: ~300MB free - Memory: >128MB - Processor: >500MHz
- OS: Win, Linux, Mac OS, Solaris, FreeBSD...";
+var l10n_nav_checksum_text				= "Verify the downloaded file";
+var l10n_nav_checksum_title				= "How to verify the downloaded file with signatures and hashes?";
+var l10n_nav_license_text				= "License";
+var l10n_nav_license_title				= "Apache OpenOffice License";
+var l10n_nav_source_text				= "Source";
+var l10n_nav_source_title				= "For developers and power users: Get the source to build Apache
OpenOffice from scratch.";
+var l10n_nav_build_text					= "Building Guide";
+var l10n_nav_build_title				= "For developers and power users: HowTo guide to build Apache
OpenOffice from scratch.";
+var l10n_nav_sdk_text					= "Software Development Kit (SDK)";
+var l10n_nav_sdk_title					= "For developers: Software Development Kit.";
+// Documentation
+var l10n_nav_headline_2_text				= "Documentation";
+var l10n_nav_schedule_text				= "Release Schedules";
+var l10n_nav_schedule_title				= "When are new releases planned?";
+var l10n_nav_hist_schedule_text				= "Historic Release Schedule";
+var l10n_nav_hist_schedule_title			= "When were old releases planned?";
+var l10n_nav_inst_guide_text				= "Installation Guides";
+var l10n_nav_inst_guide_title				= "Instructions for installing Apache OpenOffice on Windows,
Linux and Mac OS machines";
+var l10n_nav_user_guide_text				= "User Guides";
+var l10n_nav_user_guide_title				= "Extensive user manuals for every day use";
+var l10n_nav_why_java_text				= "Java and Apache OpenOffice";
+var l10n_nav_why_java_title				= "Explains why to use Java and what it is";
+var l10n_nav_eol_text					= "End-Of-Life Information";
+var l10n_nav_eol_title					= "Information about releases that have reached End-Of-Life status";
+// Additional Resources
+var l10n_nav_headline_3_text				= "Additional Resources";
+var l10n_nav_support_text				= "Support";
+var l10n_nav_support_title				= "If the information above did not answer your question: Free
and paid support!";
+var l10n_nav_local_text					= "Localizations";
+var l10n_nav_local_title				= "Information and support in your favorite language";
+var l10n_nav_stat_text					= "Download Statistics";
+var l10n_nav_stat_title					= "Download and other statistics";
+var l10n_nav_mirrors1_text				= "Alternative download mirrors #1";
+var l10n_nav_mirrors1_title				= "Use Apache mirrors to download Apache OpenOffice";
+var l10n_nav_mirrors2_text				= "Alternative download mirrors #2";
+var l10n_nav_mirrors2_title				= "Use Apache mirrors to download Apache OpenOffice";
+var l10n_nav_porting_text				= "3rd party ports and distributions";
+var l10n_nav_porting_title				= "Ports and distributions from 3rd party vendors";
+var l10n_nav_archive_text				= "Archived and legacy releases";
+var l10n_nav_archive_title				= "Download legacy and archived releases";
+var l10n_nav_devbuilds_text				= "Development Builds";
+var l10n_nav_devbuilds_title				= "For QA volunteers: Development Builds";
+// Strings for the logo graphics.
+var l10n_img_sourceforge_title				= "Sourceforge - Download, Develop and Publish Free Open
Source Software";
+var l10n_img_sourceforge_alt				= "Sourceforge";
+var l10n_img_w3c_title					= "W3C Markup Validation Service - Check the markup (HTML, XHTML,
...) of Web documents";
+var l10n_img_w3c_alt					= "W3C Validator";
+// The following variables are used in the "download.js" file:
+// Download: Strings in the green box (used in "download.js").
+var l10n_download_full_link_text			= "Download full installation";
+var l10n_download_full_link_title			= "Click to download: ";
+var l10n_download_langpack_link_text			= "Download language pack";
+var l10n_download_langpack_link_title			= "Click to download: ";
+var l10n_download_full_link_porting_text		= "Porting: Click to choose from 3rd party vendors";
+var l10n_download_full_link_porting_title		= "Click to browse to the porting webpage and
download from 3rd party vendors";
+var l10n_download_full_link_archive_text		= "Archive: Click to choose from legacy releases";
+var l10n_download_full_link_archive_title		= "Click to browse to the archive and download
legacy releases";
+// Download: Strings in the sub-green box (used in "download.js").
+var l10n_download_rel_info_headline_text		= "Release: ";
+var l10n_download_rel_info_milestone_text		= "Milestone ";
+var l10n_download_rel_info_buildid_text			= "Build ID ";
+var l10n_download_rel_info_svn_text			= "SVN "
+var l10n_download_rel_info_rel_date_text		= "Released ";
+var l10n_download_rel_notes_text			= "Release Notes";
+var l10n_download_rel_notes_title			= "Release Notes for Apache OpenOffice ";
+var l10n_download_headline_full_text			= "Full installation: ";
+var l10n_download_headline_langpack_text		= "Language pack: ";
+var l10n_download_filesize_text				= "File size ~ ";
+var l10n_download_megabyte_text				= " MByte";
+var l10n_download_checksum_headline_text		= "Signatures and hashes: ";
+var l10n_download_checksum_keys_text			= "KEYS";
+var l10n_download_checksum_keys_title			= "KEYS signature file";
+var l10n_download_checksum_asc_text			= "ASC";
+var l10n_download_checksum_asc_title			= "ASC signature for: ";
+var l10n_download_checksum_md5_text			= "MD5";
+var l10n_download_checksum_md5_title			= "MD5 hash for: ";
+var l10n_download_checksum_sha256_text			= "SHA256";
+var l10n_download_checksum_sha256_title			= "SHA256 hash for: ";
+var l10n_download_help_img_title			= "What is the difference between full installation and
language pack?";
+var l10n_download_help_img_alt				= "Install info";
+var l10n_download_help_text				= "What is a language pack?";
+var l10n_download_help_title				= "What is the difference between full installation and language
+var l10n_download_checksum_img_title			= "How to verify the downloaded file with checksums?";
+var l10n_download_checksum_img_alt			= "Checksum verify";
+var l10n_download_checksum_text				= "How to verify the download?";
+var l10n_download_checksum_title			= "How to verify the downloaded file with checksums?";
+var l10n_download_report_img_title			= "Broken download link? Click here to report.";
+var l10n_download_report_img_alt			= "Broken link";
+var l10n_download_report_text				= "Report broken link";
+var l10n_download_report_title				= "Broken download link? Click here to report.";
+// Download: Strings for error text in the sub-red box (used in "download.js").
+var l10n_download_full_link_error_text			= "No full installation available";
+var l10n_download_full_link_error_title			= "Please select another language, platform or
+var l10n_download_langpack_link_error_text		= "No language pack available";
+var l10n_download_langpack_link_error_title		= "Please select another language, platform
or version.";
+var l10n_download_error_problem_img_title		= "The selected download file is not available";
+var l10n_download_error_problem_img_alt			= "Error text";
+var l10n_download_error_problem_text			= "Problem: ";
+var l10n_download_error_solution_text			= "Solution: ";
+var l10n_download_error_aoo_text			= "Apache OpenOffice ";
+var l10n_download_error_not_available_for_text		= " is not available for ";
+var l10n_download_error_please_select_1_text		= "Please select version 4.0.1.";
+var l10n_download_error_please_select_2_text		= "Please select version 4.1.0 or newer.";
+var l10n_download_error_please_select_3_text		= "Please select a download for Windows, Linux
or OS X.";
+var l10n_download_error_please_select_4_text		= "Please select another language or version.";
+var l10n_download_unknown_platform_text			= "unknown operating system / platform";
+// The following variables are used in the "analyze.html" file:
+// Analyze: Strings for the instruction text (used in "analyze.html").
+var l10n_analyze_headline_text				= "How to report a broken download link?";
+var l10n_analyze_instruction_select_text		= "<b>Select your favorites</b>: Operating
system, language and version in the green below.";
+var l10n_analyze_instruction_verify_text		= "Verify that these options <b>still do
not</b> lead to valid download links.";
+var l10n_analyze_instruction_click_text			= "Click on the button below the green box:";
+var l10n_analyze_instruction_copy_text			= "Copy the selected table data into the clipboard:";
+var l10n_analyze_instruction_new_mail_text		= "Create a new mail.";
+var l10n_analyze_instruction_problem_text		= "<b>Write a problem description</b>
(what does not work and what do you expect).";
+var l10n_analyze_instruction_details_text		= "Please also add <b>details about the
used operating system</b>.";
+var l10n_analyze_instruction_paste_text			= "Paste the copied data at the end of the mail.";
+var l10n_analyze_instruction_only_download_text		= "Please <b>send the mail only in
case of download problems</b> and not if you cannot install.";
+var l10n_analyze_instruction_no_install_text		= "This webpage cannot help at all with installation
+var l10n_analyze_instruction_send_mail_text		= "Finally, <b>send the mail</b>
to the: ";
+var l10n_analyze_instruction_mailing_list_text		= "Apache OpenOffice Development Mailing
+var l10n_analyze_instruction_mailing_list_title		= "Send the report to the Apache OpenOffice
developers mailing list";
+var l10n_analyze_instruction_learn_more_text		= "Click here to learn more about what a mailing
list is";
+var l10n_analyze_instruction_learn_more_title		= "Learn more about what a mailing list is";
+var l10n_analyze_instruction_answer_text		= "We will try to answer as soon as we get the
mail and the problem analyzed.";
+var l10n_analyze_instruction_thanks_text		= "Thank you for your report.";
+// Analyze: Strings for the 3 buttons (used in "analyze.html").
+var l10n_analyze_update_button_text			= "Click to update the table";
+var l10n_analyze_update_button_title			= "Put the selected options as values into the table
+var l10n_analyze_select_button_text			= "Click to select the table";
+var l10n_analyze_select_button_title			= "Select all data in the table below";
+var l10n_analyze_copy_button_text			= "Copy with [Ctrl] + [C]";
+var l10n_analyze_copy_button_title			= "Copy the selected table data via [Ctrl] + [C] into
the clipboard";
+// Analyze: Strings for the table (used in "analyze.html").
+var l10n_analyze_table_browser_text			= "Browser variables";
+var l10n_analyze_table_values_text			= "Values";
+var l10n_analyze_table_yes_text				= "Yes";
+var l10n_analyze_table_no_text				= "No";
+var l10n_analyze_table_stable_release_text		= "Stable Release";
+var l10n_analyze_table_javascript_text			= "JavaScript&nbsp;functions/variables";
+// General: Links to webpage files that could be localized.
+var l10n_download_rel_notes_aoo410_link			= "";
+var l10n_download_rel_notes_aoo401_link			= "";
+var l10n_download_rel_notes_aoo400_link			= "";
+var l10n_download_help_link				= "";
+var l10n_download_checksum_link				= "";
+var l10n_download_report_link				= "";
+var l10n_download_porting_link				= "";
+var l10n_download_archive_link				= "";

Propchange: openoffice/ooo-site/trunk/content/fi/download/msg_prop_l10n_fi.js
    svn:eol-style = native

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