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From "ChriStef (Confluence)" <>
Subject [CONF] Apache OpenOffice Community > Localization Volunteers
Date Sun, 25 Aug 2013 11:08:00 GMT
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        <b>comment added</b> by              <a href="">ChriStef</a>
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       <p>&#45;&nbsp;<font color="#222222">Yes Anh, I think this page
list is more about organizing, give feedback to new volunteers and that someone could land
here to just say that is state that he/she is available to help us. I should concern this
and with others to state clear this and give us more instructions how and what propose is
this page for, and make it clear by editing with more information here. What other committees
have to say?</font></p>

<p><font color="#222222">Dont forget that the official list of volunteers could
be found here: &nbsp;but as you&nbsp;</font><font color="#222222">probably</font><font
color="#222222">&nbsp;know we are opensource so anyone can edit.</font></p>

<p>1. Ok</p>

<p>2. So you have finished offline by 100% the po files? How you upload it or sent to
the list?&nbsp;Pootle server reports 95% you are in a good state.</p>


<p>4. I think you've placed a request on the list, you might report a bug, follow up
that mails.</p>

                <div style="border-bottom: 1px solid #ddd; padding: 10px 20px 7px 20px;">
        <strong>In reply to a comment by <a href="/confluence/display/~ppanhh"
                          class="url fn confluence-userlink" data-username="ppanhh"
                   >Anh Phan</a>:</strong><br/>
        <p>Ok, I understood your concern, by that, I will restore the entry for username
"Tran Dinh Thuc Anh" on this page.<br/>
And I will write an email to the mailing list in which email you have sent to the L10n mailing
list about this issues.</p>

<p>1. Ok, I got the link from you.<br/>
2. The deadline is Sep 6th, I got that information already in the mailing list for L10n.<br/>
I promise and gurantee for the 100% in Vietnamese Localization.<br/>
So why is there left unfinished status for my translation?<br/>
Easily, the pootle server seems works fine with "single" po file. But it will get slower in
the multiple po file feature when clicking on the link "unstranslated string".<br/>
I dont know, the pootle server will improve their ability feature in speed for "multiple po
file" or not, but, I am currently translating offline with some po file to push the progress
more faster.<br/>
3. Enthusiastic is a nice word to me, but I think that, my goal is not enthusiastic.<br/>
As I have stated in the mailing list for L10n. The goal for me to join in the AOO is making
a unification for both OpenOffice and Abiword.<br/>
4. Besides, I also got problem in accessing the forum of AOO for Vietnamese Localization,
the previous maintainers chose to perform it in a read-only mode by lacking of vietnamese
maintainers and spam.<br/>
But that's an another issues later Sep 6th.</p>

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