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Subject svn commit: r843604 - in /websites/staging/openoffice/trunk/content: ./ native-lang.html
Date Sun, 23 Dec 2012 20:04:55 GMT
Author: buildbot
Date: Sun Dec 23 20:04:55 2012
New Revision: 843604

Staging update by buildbot for openoffice

    websites/staging/openoffice/trunk/content/   (props changed)

Propchange: websites/staging/openoffice/trunk/content/
--- cms:source-revision (original)
+++ cms:source-revision Sun Dec 23 20:04:55 2012
@@ -1 +1 @@

Modified: websites/staging/openoffice/trunk/content/native-lang.html
--- websites/staging/openoffice/trunk/content/native-lang.html (original)
+++ websites/staging/openoffice/trunk/content/native-lang.html Sun Dec 23 20:04:55 2012
@@ -109,8 +109,9 @@ Established native language "friendly" l
 PMC and typically at least two moderators. Requests for additional native language mailing
lists can be
 made via the <a href="">dev mailing list</a>.</li>
 <li><a href="">Native Language User Support Forums</a>
(for some languages).</li>
-<li>A <a href="">Pootle server</a> to aid
with translation. <br />
-See the local <a href="">Pootle User
Guide</a> for more information.</li>
+<li>A <a href="">Pootle server</a> to aid
with translation.  Some information about Pootle can be found
+<a href="">here</a>.
+The  <a href="">Translation</a> page
provides information on how to help with translation efforts.</li>
 <p>If you are interested is initiating (or re-starting) a native language project,
 might find the recent <a href="">information
posted on the Apache OpenOffice Planning wiki</a> helpful.
@@ -122,7 +123,7 @@ language mailing lists for the project a
 PMC (Project Management Committee) member, and after discussion and consensus on the
 dev mailing list.  Additionally new mailing lists typically require at least two 
 moderators to be established. Initiate setup requests through: <a href=""></a></p>
-<p>Native language mailing list currently are:</p>
+<p>Native language mailing lists (This list is manually maintained and may not be up
to date):</p>
 <li> (German users mailing list)</li>
 <li> (General Japanese mailing list)</li>

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