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Subject [CONF] Apache OpenOffice Community > Apache OpenOffice Social Promotion Kit
Date Wed, 09 May 2012 17:34:00 GMT
Space: Apache OpenOffice Community (
Page: Apache OpenOffice Social Promotion Kit (

Change Comment:
added more a site for pt-BR

Edited by Claudio F Filho:
h2. Introduction

The following information is for use by project members and community supporters who wish
to help promote the launch of Apache OpenOffice 3.4.  It includes information on
the release, in text and graphical form and information about the project in general. 
For questions not covered here, the reader is directed to the ooo-marketing mailing list.

h2. Release Announcement

The official release announcement for the Apache OpenOffice 3.4 release can be found [here|].  

Translations are also available in the following languages:
* [German|]
* [Italian|]
* [Portuguese|]
* [Spanish|]
* \[TODO\]

h2. Media Coverage

* Heise \-\- [OpenOffice meldet sich zurück|]
* \-\- [Openoffice 3.4 ist fertig|]
* / \-\- [Apache OpenOffice in version 3.4 erschienen|]

*  IT World \-\- [Apache OpenOffice 3.4 release marks new milestone|]
* OMG Ubuntu \-\- [openoffice 3.4 released|]
* Linux Today \-\- [Apache OpenOffice 3.4 Arrives. Does Anyone Care?|]
* The H \-\- [Apache OpenOffice 3.4.0 debuts|]
* ZDNet(en) \-\- [Apache OpenOffice 3.4 makes official debut|]
* \-\- [Apache OpenOffice 3.4, New Name, New Version|]
* slashDot \-\- [Apache OpenOffice Releases Version 3.4|]
* The Register \-\- [Apache releases new OpenOffice build, promises faster upgrades|]
* PC & Tech Authority \-\- [Essential downloads: Apache OpenOffice 3.4 released|,essential-downloads-apache-openoffice-34-released.aspx]

* MuyComputer \-\- [Apache lanza OpenOffice 3.4.0: adiós al .org|]
* genbeta Web Software \-\- [Apache OpenOffice 3.4.0 ya está aquí|]
* BarraPunto - [Nueva versión de OpenOffice|]

* \-\- [Apache OpenOffice 3.4 ve a luz|]

* iFFL (Linux news of the Day) [Apache OpenOffice 3.4 rilasciato, novità e come installarlo|]

* Windows Forest \-\- [Apache、「」後継の「Apache OpenOffice」v3.4.0を公開|]

* Tweakers \-\- [Eerste OpenOffice-versie onder Apache-vlag uitgebracht|]

* Segs [Projeto Apache OpenOffice anuncia o Apache OpenOffice™ 3.4|]
* Comunidade Escritório Livre - # [Lançado o Apache OpenOffice 3.4|]
* Viva o Linux - [Projeto Apache OpenOffice anuncia o Apache OpenOffice™ 3.4|]
* iMasters - [Apache OpenOffice 3.4 é disponibilizado|]
* NoticiasLinux - [O Projeto Apache OpenOffice anuncia o Apache OpenOffice™ 3.4|]
* Dicas-L - [O Projeto Apache OpenOffice anuncia o Apache OpenOffice 3.4|]
* Br-Linux - [Apache OpenOffice 3.4|]
* \-\- [Релиз OpenOffice 3.4|]

* blgNONE \-\- [OpenOffice 3.4 รุ่นแรกที่ออกภายใต้การดูแลของ

* Solidot [Apache OpenOffice 3.4发布|]
* IT Home [Apache OpenOffice 3.4是OpenOffice轉手至Apache基金會後所開發出來的第一個版本,最快在5月10日以前就會正式釋出,屆時中文版也會同步開放下載|]
* Tech 163 [|]

h2. Blog posts

The following blog posts from project and community members cover the release of Apache OpenOffice
3.4.   Please feel free to add your own post to the list.
# [Is an Apache project yet? (Apache OpenOffice release imminent)|]
# [Apache OpenOffice turns to SourceForge for Distribution|]
# [Announcing Apache OpenOffice 3.4\!|] (with video
# [\+1 for Apache OpenOffice|]
# [Arriva Apache OpenOffice 3.4|] (Italian)
# [Alma Livre\-  Lançado o Apache OpenOffice 3.4|]
# [ClaudioComputing - O ainda é um projeto Apache?|]
# [Albino B Neto - Lançado Apache OpenOffice 3.4|]
# [Galician Office suite(|]-[s)|]-
Apache OpenOffice 3.4 en galego
# [Apache OpenOffice 3.4: Download it Now\!|]
# [O apache OpenOffice 3.4 Debuta|]
# [Apache OpenOffice 3.4 on julkaistu|]

h2. Fun Facts

* Since the Apache OpenOffice project started at Apache, we have exchanged 18,090 posts on
our mailing lists
* We have voted in 25 new project Committers since we started
* We fixed 291 issues while working on OpenOffice 3.4

h2. "Get it here\!" Download Button

We are encouraging the use of the following logo, for use on blogs and websites that wish
to direct users to the official download of Apache OpenOffice 3.4.  When used on
a website the image must link back to [|].
Any other use is prohibited.


h3. How to use

# Download the logo to your local file system.  In most browsers you can right-click
and there will be an image "save as..." option
# Upload the image to your web server or blog.  Instructions for doing this depend
on your system.  
# Add the following markup to your page:

<a href=""><img src=""
width="300", height="100" alt="Apache OpenOffice: Get it here\!"></a>

The sizes of the image can be adjusted proportionately to make it fit in a smaller space.&nbsp;
For example, this site uses it reduced by 20%, e..g, width="240" height="80":&nbsp; []

Some hints for specific platforms:
* On WordPress the above markup can be pasted into a "text" widget and placed into a side

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