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Subject [CONF] Apache OpenOffice Community > Apache OpenOffice Social Promotion Kit
Date Sat, 28 Apr 2012 17:17:00 GMT
Space: Apache OpenOffice Community (
Page: Apache OpenOffice Social Promotion Kit (

Added by Rob Weir:
h2. Introduction

The following information is for use by project members and community supporters who wish
to help promote the launch of Apache OpenOffice 3.4.  It includes information on
the release, in text and graphical form and information about the project in general. 
For questions not covered here, the reader is directed to the ooo-marketing mailing list.

h2. Release Announcement

The official release announcement for the Apache OpenOffice 3.4 release can be found here

h2. Blog posts

The following blog posts from project and community members cover the release of Apache OpenOffice
3.4.   Please feel free to add your own post to the list.
# \[TODO\]
# \[TODO\]

h2. "Get it here"\! Download Button

We are encouraging the use of the following logo, for use on blogs and websites that wish
to direct users to the official download of Apache OpenOffice 3.4.  When used on
a website the image must link back to  Any other
use is prohibited.


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