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Subject [CONF] Apache OpenOffice Community > Current Status FAQ
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2012 21:02:00 GMT
Space: Apache OpenOffice Community (
Page: Current Status FAQ (

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Edited by Simon Phipps:
*Work In Progress - not yet a public resource, please refer to the dev list. Keep its simple
and factual\!*

# *Is there a release of Apache OpenOffice I can download*?
#* The Apache OpenOffice project will be releasing a new binary soon, which will be called
Apache OpenOffice v3.4.
#* Major features of this release include the replacement of all the copyleft or otherwise
restrictive code, plus important updates and new features including a native SVG implementation.
#* Developer versions are [available|]
although they are not intended for end-user purposes apart from testing
# *Has Sun/Oracle ceased OpenOffice development*?
#* Oracle was by far the biggest contributor and the code owner of all the code in OpenOffice.Org.
Development of a free Office suite with the size and complexity of is something
that few organizations can manage effectively and Oracle decided to give it fully to an organization
with the tested governance and credibility to keep development.
#* The trademarks and domain names now belong to The Apache Software Foundation.
# *Why has the name changed*?
#* The Apache OpenOffice project now owns the original domain and plans to
use it for the continuation and future promotion of Apache OpenOffice project.
#* The names of future released code have therefore been changed to match Apache's trademark
#* Future releases from the domain will be called "Apache OpenOffice".
# *Is Apache OpenOffice a full Apache Project*?
#* Not yet. The Apache OpenOffice project is still in incubation and has not yet requested
graduation to a TLP.
#* The project will do so once the graduation criteria have all been met, most notably having
a release of the code approved by the Apache Software Foundation.
# *Who is building Apache OpenOffice releases?*
#* The Apache foundation is a non-profit organization so we basically depend on voluntary
#* Development is done a number of the original developers of in addition to
developers from other projects derived from the OpenOffice codebase including IBM Symphony
and community volunteers.
# *Where can I get updates to the copy of that I am running*?
#* Users are warned that OpenOffice is free software that can be downloaded from the Internet.
While third parties are allowed to redistribute it for a fee or add they own software to it
some dishonest people will try to sell unrelated products for huge fees or include adware
and malware with it.
#* There have been no updates to binaries released for users since Oracle stopped
development and there will be no patches to those earlier binary programs released.
#* The project is currently preparing a new version of the code and it will be available through
the traditional channels; specifically the website.
#* Once Apache OpenOffice v3.4 is released, the project recommends you replace your
installation with it.
#* Again, there are developer versions available for testing purposes.
#* If you have an urgent need in the interim, you could perhaps temporarily use [LibreOffice|],
another project derived from
# *I have seen adverts on eBay and elsewhere offering OpenOffice for sale. Are they from this
#* OpenOffice is open source software that can be freely downloaded from the Internet.
#* Apache does not sell software or engage in any other commercial activity.
#* Third parties are allowed to redistribute it for a fee or add their own software to it.
#* Users are warned however that there are some dishonest people who will try to sell unrelated
products for huge fees or include adware and malware in bundles, or sell "subscriptions" that
result in repeated charges to your credit card.
#* Users are warned to only download from the project directly and not from other sites.

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