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Subject [CONF] Apache OpenOffice Community > Brainstorming on FAQs -- draft
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2012 02:25:00 GMT
Space: Apache OpenOffice Community (
Page: Brainstorming on FAQs -- draft (

Edited by Rob Weir:
*{+}Work In Progress - not yet an approved public resource, please refer to the dev list.
Keep it simple and factual\!+*

# *Is there a release of Apache OpenOffice I can download*?
#* *{_}Not yet._* The Apache OpenOffice project will have a new release soon, which will be
called Apache OpenOffice v3.4.  This will be the completion of the earlier
3.4 beta, which included many features. 3.3 users, when
they upgrade, can look forward to native SVG support, improved ODF 1.2 encryption support,
enhanced Asian word count support, new spreadsheet functions, more optimized PDF exports,
a new color picker dialog, among the improvements.  Details on these and other enhancements
and fixes can be found in the draft of our [Apache OpenOffice 3.4 release notes|OOOUSERS:AOO
3.4 Release Notes].
#* *{_}Developer versions are{_}* *_[available|]_*
although they are not intended for end-user purposes apart from testing
# *What has Oracle given to Apache?*
#* Oracle has used Apache's Software Grant Agreement (SGA) process to contribute the
source code to Apache under the Apache 2.0 license.  They also gave Apache the trademarks
and domain names owned by them and associated with the project.
# *Is OpenOffice still open source? Is it still free software?*
#* *{_}Yes._* Apache OpenOffice is still both open source software and free software.
#* The new license, the Apache License 2.0, is compatible with the GNU GPLv3 and with the
GNU LGPLv3 (the previous license), a well as MPLv2, the new Mozilla license.
#* Apache OpenOffice will always be free for download from the official website: []
# *Why has the name changed*?
#* The Apache OpenOffice Project Management Committee, after extensive community discussion
and comment, voted to change the name from "" to "Apache OpenOffice". 
We had spirited discussions and this was not a unanimous decision.  Those who voted
for the name change generally thought the shorter name was better than calling it "Apache", which would have been the alternative name conforming to Apache branding
guidelines.  Future releases will be called Apache OpenOffice.  But we still
refer to prior releases as,
# *What is the status of OpenOffice at Apache?*
#* We are a "podling" in the "[Apache Incubator|]". 
When new codebases and new communities are brought to Apache they begin in the  Incubator.
This is a program designed to support them in their initial period at Apache, to help them
understand how Apache works, technically, procedurally as well as socially.  A project
"graduates" from the Incubator when it has demonstrated that it has met various legal and
community guidelines.  But do note, being in the Incubator is not a reflection of
the completeness or stability of the code.  It is merely a statement that our 12
year old project is new at Apache.
# *Who is developing Apache OpenOffice?*
#* Like any other Apache project, work on Apache OpenOffice is performed by a diverse group
of volunteers, from over a dozen countries.  We have participants who are brand new
to the project as of last week.  We also have many old hands, who have been involved
with OpenOffice for a decade or more.  These volunteers work on coding, testing,
documentation, websites, translations, marketing as well as other functions.  If
you are interested in helping develop the next great version of Apache OpenOffice please take
a look at our [Getting Involved|]
# *Where can I get updates to the copy of that I am running*?
#* The latest release of is 3.3.  If you have that then you have the
latest.  If you would like to extend the capabilities of your OpenOffice 3.3 you
might take a look at the many compatible [extensions|]
and [templates|] that are available.
#* We are currently preparing a new release, Apache OpenOffice 3.4.  When available,
you can download it from the [] website.  If you want to
be on a notification list for when Apache OpenOffice 3.4 is available for download, you can
send an email to [|].
# *I have seen adverts on eBay and elsewhere offering OpenOffice for sale. Are they from this
#* *{_}No._* Apache never sells software or engages in any other commercial activity.
#* OpenOffice is open source software that can be freely downloaded from the [|]
#* Third parties are allowed to redistribute it for a fee or add their own software to it.
#* Users are warned however that there are some dishonest people who will try to sell unrelated
products for huge fees or include adware and malware in bundles, or sell "subscriptions" that
result in repeated charges to your credit card.
#* Users are warned to only download from the project directly and not from other sites.

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