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Subject [CONF] Apache OpenOffice Community > Logo Proposals
Date Sun, 15 Jan 2012 05:31:00 GMT
Space: Apache OpenOffice Community (
Page: Logo Proposals (

Edited by Michael Acevedo:
Please attach any logo proposals to this page. More complete proposals should have their own
wiki pages.

These are proposals for the essential logo of the Apache OpenOffice (incubating) project.
 There are many other ways that branded material appears.  This page concentrates the essential
logo tyhpically found on the top or upper left of visible presentations of project-identified
material.  (There is such a logo in trial use at the top of this wiki page, for example.)


h2. [1|#h1]. [Gulls-Centric|AOOLogo proposal] Logo Proposal (Drew Jensen, started 2011-12-03)

There are two versions of the logo as the first proposal on the top of the [AOO Logo Proposal|AOOLogo
proposal#h2p1] page:

h6. 300 x 100 px (intended for 90ppi viewing)

!AOOLogo proposal^300x100_dj_white.png|border=1!

h6. 150 x 50 px (intended for 90ppi small logo viewing)

!AOOLogo proposal^150x50_dj_white.png|border=1!


h2. [2|#h2]. Orb-Centric Logo Proposals (Michael Acevedo, started 2012-01-06)


h5. [2.1|#h2p1] Logo Proposal #1

!Apache OpenOffice Proposal #1.jpg|border=1!

The first logo proposal takes a cue from the current Apache OpenOffice podling logo however,
it reduces the Apache name into a smaller font size and places it on top of the OpenOffice
name. In addition, it replaces the seagulls on top of the "Open" and reinstates the OpenOffice
blue orb seagull logo. Overall, logo #1 keeps the familiarity of the current
logo while complying with the Apache branding guidelines.


h5. [2.2|#h2p2] Logo Proposal #2

!Apache OpenOffice Proposal #2.jpg|border=1!

The second alternative logo proposal moves the Apache word and places it in front of the OpenOffice
blue orb logo. The Apache word font size is also increased to the same size of the OpenOffice
word. Overall the logo remains unchanged, but logo #2 highlights Apache more prominently as
the main sponsor of the project than logo #1.


h5. [2.3|#h2p3] Logo Proposal #3

!Apache OpenOffice v2.jpg|border=1!

The third alternative logo is similar to Logo Proposal #1 but adds the "Incubating" tagline
below the OpenOffice name, as per Apache requirements.


h5. [2.4|#h2p4] Logo Proposal #4

!Apache OpenOffice Proposal #2 v2.jpg|border=1!

The fourth alternative logo is similar to Logo Proposal #2 but adds the "Incubating" tagline
directly below the OpenOffice name, as per Apache requirements.


h5. [2.5|#h2p5] Logo Proposal #5

!New OpenOffice copy.jpg|border=1!

The fifth alternative logo radically refreshes the OpenOffice logo by placing the seagull
orb as the "O" in the word "Open". In addition it puts the Apache feather under the Apache
name. I'ts a refreshing look of the project's logo while retaining some of the commonality
of the legacy logo.


h5. [2.6|#h2p6] Logo Proposal #6


!New OpenOffice v2.jpg|border=1!

The sixth alternative logo returns the with the format of logo #2 but reduces the size of
the Apache name and puts the organization's iconic feather below it. Other logo items remain
relatively unchanged. It is a good compromise between logos 2 & 5 and still looks refreshing.


h2. [3|#h3]. Further Proposals

Separate major proposal variations for the essential logo can begin by replacing this section.
 In edit mode, review the previous sections for how section numbering and links are maintained.

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