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Subject [CONF] Apache OpenOffice Community > AOO 4.0 Feature Planning
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2012 12:02:00 GMT
Space: Apache OpenOffice Community (
Page: AOO 4.0 Feature Planning (

Change Comment:
Base update to HSQLDB 2.x.x database engine

Edited by Zoltan Reizinger:
The following table is intended to collect and document new features, enhancements or other
working areas related to the next major release AOO 4.0. 

The status can be tracked highlevel for example by using the colors {highlight:green}ok/done,{highlight}{highlight:yellow}in
progress{highlight}and {highlight:red}open/missing{highlight}.

More detailed description or potential specifications (as base for documentation, QA, development)
should be provided on demand on linked feature sub-pages. And a corresponding Bugzilla ID
should be provided for detailed tracking.  

|| Component || Feature/Enhancement || Abstract || Volunteer(s) || Status || Task-ID ||
| Common | Accessibility support | integrate iAccessibiltiy2 support to improve the usability
| | | |
| | Performance improvements for loading and saving of documents | General performance improvements,
especially on document loading and saving. The content of .odt and .odp files can be displayed
before the whole document is loaded. Better usability by improved application response. |
| | |
| | Property Sidebar | A user interface improvement to allow easy and fast access to manage
object properties. A concept to replace or as an alternative to toolbars. Task panes are used
to allow more vertical space for the document area and to make use of current common wide
screen displays. | | | |
| Writer | Usability improvement in Ctrl+A and mouse operations in tables and sections | #
The capability and usability of Ctrl+A is enhanced to make users able to select and operate
tables, nested tables, or tables within sections at the top of a document through select all
# The capability and usability of mouse operation is also enhanced to make users able to select
and operate the tables, nested tables, or tables within sections at the top of a document
through mouse to select them from the end to the beginning.  | | | |
| Calc | XLS loading performance with multiple pivot tables | Improvements in both loading
pivot table cache and in loading pivot table for the .xls files. 
The loading performance for .xls files with multiple pivot tables is improved a lot, especially
with multiple pivot table caches.| | | |
| Impress | Speaker notes support in normal view | A user interface improvement from Symphony
to provide speaker notes in normal view. Users can view and edit speaker notes in normal view
directly. | | | |
| Base | Update database engine to HSQLDB 2.2.x |The present versions uses HSQLDB
version, HSQLDB 2.x.x has more features, and it is a version in development. The cwshsqldb19
which implement HSQLDB 2.x.x was finished, but not integrated into OOo 3.4Beta due to incompatibilities
in database engines. The new version converts database to new format which is not usable in
older version of Base. | | | |
| ... | ... | | | | |

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