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Subject [CONF] Apache OpenOffice Community > Survey Design
Date Sat, 31 Dec 2011 06:48:00 GMT
Space: Apache OpenOffice Community (
Page: Survey Design (

Edited by Graham Lauder:
||*Survey Design for Marketing Survey of Announce List users*||

Preamble: The design of this survey will be guided by a number of factors.  The demographic
of the respondents, the information that the project needs to glean from the respondents and
the instrument for delivery.  Because of resource constraints, the latter is pretty much fixed
at this point:  Email via the Announce lists.  This has distinct disadvantages in terms of
our sample but it's what we have to work with at this point in time.  The results will tend
to be slewed but there's not a lot we can do to alleviate that given that the information
is needed in the short term rather than longer.

The first part will be pre-notification sent out to the announce lists,  with reply-to set
to the marketing list.  All people who respond to that mail will be then sent the full questionnaire.
 Pre-notes always give better response levels.

Questions will obviously be either marketing oriented, UX oriented or community oriented.
 At this point my feeling is that we should lean toward UX, this to demonstrate that the project
is open to listening to the wider user community.  Obviously there will be some crossover
into the other areas but I think the broad focus should be UX.  (My opinion, open to discussion.)

Before we get into detail however the Goals of the survey need to be established:  What would
we like the respondents to tell us, ie: Branding, User experience, future directions.  Are
we after cold fact or opinion.  
And what do we want the survey to tell the respondents (surveys tend to tell the respondents
a lot about the surveyor).  There will have to be a number of defining questions that tell
us a bit about the respondent but only insofar as narrowing of demographics: age, broad location,
NL, usage type(Home, work or study).  


Survey completed by Feb 1 2012

||Pre-Notification Text||  

Proposed text:

_As many of you would know by now, Oracle have transferred ownership of to
the Apache Software Foundation.  Apache is an old and respected member of the Open Source
community and under the foundation's umbrella, has dozens of opensource projects. For instance,
Apache HTTP server drives over 60% of the servers on the internet. 
This signals a new beginning for the OOo community.  The new community is growing at a fast
rate and a lot of work by a dedicated team has been done behind the scenes to shift all of
the assets of OOo over to Apache infrastructure.  Signs of this are visible now with the
website now moved entirely to Apache servers.  While this has been going on, development on
the OOo code has proceeded and we are now looking at a release of Apache OpenOffice 3.4 with
some exciting new developments in the very near future.

However, looking into the future we need help, from you the users and stakeholders of OOo.
 We want you to tell us the direction you want us to take OOo into the future.  To this end
we are surveying as many people as we can to find what you think should define the new
Apache OpenOffice.  If you would like to participate in this survey and make your voice heard
then simply reply to this email and we will send out a questionnaire. Results of the survey
will be posted to the announce list.

Thanks for your attention and your response.

Graham Lauder
Apache OpenOffice(Incubating) Project Management Committee_   

My survey bible, caution really gruesome PDF production and geared to Govt depts 
[] Survey System Design guidelines 
Smart Survey guidelines PDF 
[]  SurveyMonkey
response rates advise PDF

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