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Subject [CONF] Apache Community > Win-en-x86-Setup
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2011 00:38:00 GMT
Space: Apache Community (
Page: Win-en-x86-Setup (

Change Comment:
Add Variations, more observations, and Install Start-Up

Edited by Dennis E. Hamilton:
h1. Windows Full Install (English x86)

h2. Initial Conditions

# The first build tested from Apache OpenOffice is identified as 3.4.0 OOO340m1
(Build:9584).  Is is the 2011-12-15 [Developer Snapshot|]
uploaded by Raphael Bircher.  The file is identified {{OOo_3.4.0_Win_x86_install_en_US.exe}}.

# The installation begins with the installer downloaded to a file location from which it can
be executed.

h2. Initial Configuration

There are many variations of initial configuration that matter.  The first one is not the
simplest but accounts for possible interactions with existing installations.

The initial scenario is using a configuration of Windows Vista that already has three other
ODF-supporting applications installed:


h4. Observations

* The previous version of is OO.o 3.3.0-it, installed as an experiment around
differences in UI and writing aids.  It was already noticed that the 3.3.0 install stole the
file associations that had been previously associated with the Libre Office installation.
* The shadowed-button works well as a desktop icon/shortcut.  I don't link the tint that much,
but it is a recognizable, simple icon that could be useful to preserve.  Taking it through
a tansition that blends in some sort of Apacheness over time would be interesting along with
the march to top-level project.
* This processing model for this scenario is with Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 (32-bit) installed
on a Windows Virtual PC under Windows 7 Ultimate.  The processor is an Intel i7-980X.  [dh:2011-12-20T00:11Z]

h4. Issues/Migration

* The name associated with the desktop icon/short-cut of course.
* The tooltip acknowledges Oracle support.  The other text is fine.
* This is worth describing with regard to our own build status.  I record it here as part
of capturing observations when they occur (for now). -- dh:2011-12-18T22:19Z

h4. Variations

* Different versions of Window
** The next version of Windows available for testing
** The oldest supported platform
** One older than the oldest supported platform (for the purpose of determining what the failure
is like, if any).
* Different processor/platform combinations

h2. Download Presence


h4. Observations

* The button icon with download arrow works very well at the small (detail) size.  
* I added a date to the beginning of the downloaded file name to help me differentiate different
builds.  I got the date of the build wrong, but it work as a differentiator for the download
and these screenshots anyhow.
* the larger button icon is great too, used in the lower left of the Windows Explorer window.
 It is obscured because more than one file is selected.
* the "modified" date is the local time and date when it was downloaded in this case.
* This file location is at a UNC path (i.e., \\Whs\...) to a shared folder on a file server.
 These work fine and I don't expect any regression. [dh:2011-12-19T00:13Z]

h4. Issues/Migration

* [none]

h4. Variations

* Installation from a thumb drive
* Setup from a CD-ROM
** Simply as a file-system source
** As an Autorun installation
** As a gold disk with enterprise setup
* Over-network enterprise installation 

h2. Installer Startup

Installation was initiated by double-clicking the downloaded installer file.


h4. Observations

* There are three kinds of warnings that can occur.  First, files that are downloaded form
the internet may receive a warning before execution is allowed.  Secondly, there is some verification
of the EXE (which is a problem in this case).  Finally, there is a requirement for administrative
operation of the installer.  This message reflects at least the last two of those cases.
* The nightly builds are not signed.  

h4. Issues/Migration

* A signed .EXE is needed
** It would be valuable for any downloadable binary to be signed although this might not work
with automated builds.  
** A process and appropriate ceremonies for binary releases is needed that includes signing
the binary in the form that is verified by Microsoft Windows.

h4. Variations

* Installation that doesn't require elevated privileges?
* Setup of a portable version

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