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Subject [CONF] Apache Community > AOOLogo proposal
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2011 06:06:00 GMT
Space: Apache Community (
Page: AOOLogo proposal (

Change Comment:
/* updated graphic week 2 */

Edited by Drew Jensen:
Given the vote on the mailing lists it did indeed seem time to put together first drafts of
AOO logo proposals.

Proposed AOO podling logo - Dec 3 
|| Example || size || comments ||
| !300x100_dj_white.png|border=1!\\ | 300 x 100 px | 90 dpi \\
white background |
| !150x50_dj_white.png|border=1!\\ | 150 x 50 px | 90 dpi \\
white background \\ |
| [^Logo-AOO-dj.tar.bz2]\\ | | Archive file containing:\\
*vector source*\\
*90 dpi Web graphics*\\
 \- solid white background\\
 \- transparent background\\
*300 dpi Color graphics*\\
 \- 3.33 inch x 1.11 inch\\
 \- 1.6 inch x .6 inch\\
 \\ |

All text elements in the source file use the M\+ font family, available under a free license,
including for commercial use, license.

The font installation files are available on the web at: [|]

Care was taken to, as best I could, create new art work in full compliance with the branding
elements described here, [ Branding Guidelines draft|]

The original work is released under terms of the Apache 2.0 License.

´╗┐Missing graphics - B/W and Grey scale, WEB and Print resolutions.

//drew Jensen

I had the idea to produce 4 plague type images as a way to explore merging the OO.o and AOO
branding. I've finished one and started two more:

The first one is based on the poem, Dream catcher and includes the StarOffice butterfly.


The second one is based on a wall paper donation on the OO.o wiki from a number of years back
and dealings with continuity - I've incorporated the ODF mime icons, and taken a bit of liberty
with the final one in a pulsing ribbon - giving it just a touch of color.

Updated the image - little tweak to the text - and bring the StarOffice butterfly back once
more. I would expect at least 2 more updates before the week is out - then on to number 3



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