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From "Jim - FooBar();" <>
Subject help please....I'm going crazy!
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2012 11:08:45 GMT
Is there any chance someone can have a look at this small method and 
figure out why i'm getting an array-store exception??? I woke up this 
morning  ready to test my AggregateNameFinder2 but i'm getting stupid 
array exceptions again!!! I am trying to convert an Arraylist <Span> to 
a Span[] using arrayList.toArray(new Span[0]) as it is suggested in the 
docs but with no success!!! HOnestly i'm going mental - i've spent 4 
hours on this and wherever i look people suggest it is straight forward...

     private Span[] flattenUniqueSpans(List<Span[]> findings){

     int maxLength = 0; //the maximum number of predictions

     for (Span[] x : findings)
         maxLength += x.length;

     List<Span> allUnique = new ArrayList<Span>(maxLength);

     for (Span[] k : findings){
     List<Span> temp = new ArrayList<Span>(k.length);

          for (Span s : k)

     allUnique.removeAll(temp);//remove from allUnique all the elements 
that exist in temp
     allUnique.addAll(temp);//add all elements of temp  into allUnique - 
no duplicates must exist

     ((ArrayList<Span>) allUnique).trimToSize();
       return allUnique.toArray(new Span[0]);


I will be able to provide some feedback for the AggregteNameFinder if 
this gets sorted...the error obviously occurs in the last line of the 
method...for some reason there is type mismatch (array-store exception 
in System.arrayCopy )...Any help is greatly appreciated guys....

Thanks in advance!


p.s: I'm starting to remember why i left the Java world!!!

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