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From "Jim - FooBar();" <>
Subject Re: will version 1.5.3 be announced here?
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2012 12:30:28 GMT
Also how come the Evaluator is an abstract class with abstract methods? 
Shouldn't it be an interface?


On 04/04/12 13:21, Jim - FooBar(); wrote:
> On 04/04/12 12:57, Jörn Kottmann wrote:
>> Doing this via our API should work right? You just create an 
>> evaluator and pass in
>> the DictionaryNameFinder instance and the test data. 
> is not that simple! what about the maxent model? Let's say you
> --create a class that extends Evaluator  (as all evaluators do)
> --allow the constructor of that class to take variable number of 
> arguments (of type TokenNameFinder) so we can use them later on
> --pretty much copy the code from TokenNameFinderEvaluator and paste it 
> in the new class
> --make sure the code asks both (or however many) name-finders before 
> it classifies a prediction as right or wrong.
> Up to here everything is quite straight the problems 
> begin!!!
> The Dictionary has to be evaluated on separate data than the 
> model...That is because the Dictionary can only deal with  the 
> "default tag" and nothing else! A quick workaround would be to retrain 
> the maxent model with "default" tags so i can evaluate it on the 
> dictionary's test-set but then what about multiple types???
> Jim
> p.s. Jorn, we had this discussion before... I do believe that the 
> Dictionary should be able to deal with whatever tag the user supplied 
> just like the maxent model does...

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