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From "Jim - FooBar();" <>
Subject Re: DictionaryNameFinder evaluation always returns 0, 0, -1
Date Sat, 17 Mar 2012 13:07:43 GMT
Hello again,

basically, with the dictionary almost sorted, i'd like to return to a 
previous issue that wasn't quite resolved. I made a mistake and posted 
that i couldn't use the *cross-validator* with the dictionary, while in 
fact i meant to say that i can't use the *regular evaluator* with the always returns precission=0, recall=0, 
f-score=-1, regardless of finding loads of entities... Has anyone tried 
doing that?

I'm not sure why this happens - from what i can see DictionaryNameFinder 
implements TokenNameFinder (as does NameFinderME) and that is all the 
TokenNameFinderEvaluator needs!I would expect this to work but it 
doesn't...I'd like to start working on integrating the 2 but i can't, 
unless I can be sure that both evaluations work, at least independently.


On 13/03/12 17:00, Jim - FooBar(); wrote:
> Ooops i'm really sorry...I am using the regular evaluator not the 
> cross-validator...The previous message should have been about the 
> standard evaluator...My bad! There is simply no point in using the 
> cross-validator with the dictionary - there is nothing to train! I 
> apologise for the mistake it wont happen again! The thing is i'm 
> pretty stressed out!
> Jim
> On 13/03/12 16:51, Jörn Kottmann wrote:
>> You only do cross validation because you need to take some data out to
>> train your model on. That is why you can pass in all the training 
>> parameters
>> to the TokenNameFinderCrossValidator.
>> Maybe I am mistaken but it cannot take a TokenNameFinder object as an 
>> argument, right?
>> Did you sub-classed it?
>> Anyway since the DictionaryNameFinder cannot be trained you should
>> just use the evaluators they are simpler and give you the same result.
>> Jörn
>> On 03/13/2012 05:34 PM, Jim - FooBar(); wrote:
>>> Hey guys,
>>> First of all i can imagine you must be sick and tired of me 
>>> reporting a bug or improvement every single day!That is the nature 
>>> of open-source though isn't it? :-)
>>> Today's issue came literally out of nowhere! Again it has to do with 
>>> cross-validation but with the DictionaryNameFinder this time - NOT 
>>> the maxent model...Ok, here goes:
>>> Basically, both the maxentNameFinder and the DictionaryNameFinder 
>>> can do NER. Also both classes implement TokenNameFinder so from 
>>> Java's perspective either can be passed as argument to the 
>>> TokenNameFinderCrossValidator constructor...However, i tried doing 
>>> that this morning, in an effort to get some numbers my dictionary, 
>>> and all i get is 0 precision, 0 recall and -1 FMeasure, regardless 
>>> of finding loads of drugs! I think (not 100% sure) the problem is 
>>> that the CrossValidator expects annotated text (in order to verify) 
>>> but the DictionaryNameFinder can only be deployed on un-annotated 
>>> text...To be honest i don't see any other reason why it won't use 
>>> the dictionary instead of the model since both classes conform to 
>>> the same interface - otherwise Java would complain!
>>> Any ideas?
>>> Jim
>>> p.s: i 'm not sure if i can call this a bug or a massive 
>>> all started when i started thinking how i can 
>>> evaluate my trained model when it joins forces with the 
>>> dictionary...i can see with my eyes there is some improvement but it 
>>> is crucial that i get some numbers...

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