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From Alex Ott <>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCE] Language Detector Model 1.8.3 Release for Apache OpenNLP
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2017 09:17:19 GMT
Hi all

Maybe you have seen this already, but back in October I did evaluation of different language
detection libraries (CLD,, fastText) - results are available at
 Recently I've updated this post with data for OpenNLP-based language detector.

The test data I used were collected during my experiments with classification of web pages
- there is a link to data that you can download (~18Mb).

William Colen  at "Thu, 2 Nov 2017 08:55:48 -0200" wrote:
 WC> The Apache OpenNLP library is a machine learning based toolkit for the
 WC> processing of natural language text.

 WC> The Apache OpenNLP team is pleased to announce the release of Language
 WC> Detector Model 1.8.3 for Apache OpenNLP 1.8.3.
 WC> The Language Detector Model can detect 103 languages and outputs ISO 639-3
 WC> codes.

 WC> Apache OpenNLP model and reports are available for download from our model
 WC> download page:

 WC> This is the first release of the Language Detector Model. It is compatible
 WC> with Apache OpenNLP 1.8.3 or better.

 WC> It is important to note that this model is trained for and works well with
 WC> longer texts that have at least 2 sentences (or more) from a single
 WC> language.

 WC> More information about this release can be found in the README.txt at:

 WC> Details about this model effectiveness can be found in the following report:

 WC> --The Apache OpenNLP Team

With best wishes, Alex Ott

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