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From Jörn Kottmann <>
Subject Re: OpenNLP 1.5.3 ....
Date Thu, 03 May 2012 11:16:48 GMT
On 05/03/2012 10:58 AM, Jim - FooBar(); wrote:
>   I can also provide the "AggregateNameFinder" class which takes any 
> number of name-finders and merges their results in order to get better 
> evaluation statistics. Internally, it uses the 
> "NameFinderME.dropOverlappingSpans()" method to get rid of nested 
> spans, which however does the simplistic thing of keeping the earliest 
> span (ignoring the type of the span completely). I think being able to 
> merge results from several name-finders is a killer feature that a lot 
> of people will appreciate even if i don't think keeping the earliest 
> span is sensible when trying to evaluate several finders on multiple 
> entity types... 

+1 to implement it based on NameFinderME.dropOverlappingSpans.

In my opinion that is still a good baseline. We can come up with more 
specialized and sophisticated
approaches e.g. based on probabilities and limited for statistical name 


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