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From Jörn Kottmann <>
Subject Re: Get Involved page
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2011 10:58:05 GMT
On 11/21/11 11:50 AM, Aliaksandr Autayeu wrote:
>>>>   I agree, I understand your point below, but even the list from JIRA is
>>> better than nothing. I don't know how to get it. Probably I can figure it
>>> out, but still if there would be a link that would be easier.
>> +1 to add such a list, the Mahout people use tags to label jiras which
>> are suitable for new contributors. We could also do that and set up a
>> filter
>> which shows these jiras only when clicking on a link.
> Good idea. Which label do they use?
>> Basically, I see two parts of it:
>>> 1) itemized list of ideas for new stuff, a wishlist or roadmap kind of
>>> thing
>>> 2) list of JIRA issues: bugs, nuisances, feature requests and other
>>> 3) probably a permanent and a separate, evergreen item: documentation :)
>> +1 sounds good.
>> Would you place it on the Get Involved page or should we make a new page
>> for that e.g. "Contributions Wanted"
> I would put it into Get Involved, it seems like it will be 2 paragraphs:
> one with a list and one with a link. However, if 1) from above is large
> enough (which is up to you and other familiar with the code base to see)
> then it might deserve a separate page.

Yeah, lets put it on the Get Involved page, if it gets too long one day 
we can
split it and move the part about contributions to a new page.


See this mail from Grant:

Not sure how it worked out.


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