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From Jörn Kottmann <>
Subject Release Process
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2011 16:42:59 GMT
Hi all,

we should soon start to work on creating the next release.
As part of this release we also need to fine tune the release
process and document it, so that it is for everyone in the
team possible to make a release.

I started to write down the steps we did for our last release,
and will soon add that to the website.

I believe the basic release process should be as follows.

We first discuss on the mailing list when and what should
be released, depending on the jira issues, some need to be delayed, or the
release needs to be delayed to get them in.

After this discussion is done we should elect a release manager which
is responsible for all formal tasks and overseeing the release process,
the RM should try to distribute the tasks among the committers as good
as possible.

Since making a release contains a number of tasks and steps I suggest
that we work out a wiki page which documents all that, and when tasks
are done people document that as well. This way we can ensure that
everything was done. A wiki page has the advantage over jira that we
can easily copy a table of tasks, instead of creating a lot of jira issues

So, in the end the RM is guided by the documentation on the website
which explains the individual tasks and the wiki page to distribute
and document the tasks and progress.

We should also make sure that the RM role is done by different people
from release to release so we have the knowledge about how to make one 
in the team.

Any opinions?


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