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From Olivier Grisel <>
Subject Re: OpenNLP Annotations Proposal
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2011 16:50:27 GMT
2011/6/22 Jörn Kottmann <>:
> Any other opinions on how we should store/exchange our
> text with annotations?
> As proposed up to now:
> 1. UIMA CAS based approach
> 2. Custom solution as proposed by Olivier

I am ok with switching to UIMA CAS. We might need additional metadata
outside of the CAS annotations though. For instance if the annotators
fixes a typo in the Sofa it-self, we might need to be able to tell
that Sofa1 is subject to being replaced by Sofa2 according to
annotator A1 for instance.

Also do you know of a good database for storing CAS? For instance does
there exist an Apache CouchDB CASConsumer + CollectionReader? Or maybe
a JDCB CASConsumer + CollectionReader that we could use with Apache
Derby for instance?

Olivier -

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