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From Jörn Kottmann <>
Subject Re: proposal: let's ignore backward compatibility for the opennlp.maxent ( redesign
Date Thu, 05 May 2011 16:42:03 GMT
On 5/5/11 6:12 PM, Chris Collins wrote:
> Right, I guess so:
> #Mon Mar 28 12:17:52 PDT 2011
> Training-Eventhash=d61e8fc9af7e230ff91060f27e0d2959
> Manifest-Version=1.0
> Language=de
> useTokenEnd=true
> Training-Cutoff=5
> Training-Iterations=100
> OpenNLP-Version=1.5.0
> Timestamp=1301339872213
> Component-Name=SentenceDetectorME
> though I meant also major minor version that the person doing the build can provide for
the version of the data not the OpenNLP software (don't forget data location e.g. /Users/chris/model_training/en/me_playing_around_dont_use_in_production

Maybe we should give the user the freedom to write custom properties 
into the earlier proposed training file and
extend the above manifest with automatically generates properties as far 
as it makes sense.

I guess that would suit your needs?

The training data location might not always be available. I for example 
retrieve my training data from a
database which contains my corpus. The data is then directly streamed 
into OpenNLP without ever hitting the disk.


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