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From Jörn Kottmann <>
Subject Release branch for 1.5.1
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2011 14:56:53 GMT
We should do discussion on the dev list, and not in the issue tracker.

James posted the following:
 > "Jorn,
 > We may want to create a release branch, ie: opennlp_1_5_1 (or 
something similar), then continue development on the trunk. Then when we 
get RC2 out, it will > > be on the same branch... ie porting or patching 
the branch from the trunk or something.
 > Am I making sence?" (see OPENNLP-134)

I believe there is no reason to branch for a revision release, maybe it 
makes sense when we work on 1.6 to be able to maintain the 1.5 branch 
for a while until 1.6 is ready. Maintaining should really mean fixing 
serious bugs only.

When we worked on the 1.4 release we believed it might be smart to put 
that work into a branch and directly start working on 1.5 (even before 
1.4 was released). The result was that it took longer to finish both 
releases. Tom worked alone on the 1.4 release and had to forward port 
bug fixes,
and 1.5 needed more time because not all fixes have been forward ported 
(for various reasons) and finding the differences in the two versions
turned out to be very time consuming.


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