About all this work you are doing on the manual, I hope you are making a manual for  the current M4 and not M3 - as some of the symbols have changed, etc.

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Quoting "K. Kamhamea" <kamhamea@googlemail.com>:

You are right we should not invest to much time and efforts here. It is rather a negligibility. I just want to keep the manual as detailed as possible. But there are many other more pressing things to solve. I will create a new thread for that.

Am Sa., 18. Apr. 2020 um 03:31 Uhr schrieb Maxim Solodovnik <solomax666@gmail.com>:
I can create example project for this (please ping me if i will be too silent)
According to MD5 as password hash function: this is bad idea

On Sat, 18 Apr 2020 at 02:42, K. Kamhamea <kamhamea@googlemail.com> wrote:
OMG. I'm not experienced with Java. We are doing python mostly and Javascript and rarely some C++ but never Java.
I tried to compile your MD5implementation file
but it failed because of missing dependencies. It probably requires the whole source of the project being downloaded and properly installed.
So for the moment I decided I wouldn't spend my time to test all this I'm just going to copy your detailed instruction into the Manual.
The reason why I was so interested in this topic is because of compatibility problems. I haven't found yet a python encryption library that is compatible. By contrast, MD5 is a standard that is widely used.
Thank you again so much for your help

Am Fr., 17. Apr. 2020 um 16:15 Uhr schrieb Maxim Solodovnik <solomax666@gmail.com>:

On Fri, 17 Apr 2020 at 18:54, K. Kamhamea <kamhamea@googlemail.com> wrote:
I was just about testing other encryption methods as described
I doubt anyone ever try this :)
Here I run into the following undocumented problems
1. Where to copy the MD5Implementation.java file into my file system
This is basic JAVA question :)
Java programs need to be compiled
i.e. After you have created class (which MUST implement interface) you need to 
1) compile this class
2) Pack into JAR file
3) Put jar to webapps/openmeetings/WEB-INF/lib
2. How to set the CLASSPATH so that it can be found anywhere in my filesystem
jars from webapps/openmeetings/WEB-INF/lib are being loaded automatically
3. What is actually the text string to be added into the configuration variable " crypt.class.name "
In JAVA classes are usually being created in packages (to resolve possible name clashes)
so You need to write something like:
package com.googlemail.kamhamea;
public class MySecureCryptProvider implements ICrypt {
   ........your secure algorithm here ..........
In config value you should write: "com.googlemail.kamhamea.MySecureCryptProvider"
Alternatively I tried this class
But changing the configuration variable to " org.apache.openmeetings.util.crypt.MD5 " creates but an error.
Can't be used due to it doesn't implements ICrypt
Best K.

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