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From Constantinos Ntzoufras <>
Subject Error 109 (net::ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE): Unable to reach the server.
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2013 21:45:53 GMT
I have a problem that i have not managed yet to figure out.

I have installed the OpenMeetings server and the OpenMeetings Moodle plugin
for a Moodle website that i run on the same machine. The machine's
operating system is CentOS 6.4.

In my LAN i can access directly from every device/workstation the Moodle
website (which runs in port 7777 instead of 80) and the Openmeetings server
(in port 5080)
>From a different network though, (e.g. from my work), even though i am able
to connect to the Moodle Website (on the same port as in my LAN 7777) and
the Openmeetings server (5080) i am not able to connect to a test
openmeetings room from the Moodle Plugin.

The exact case is that i have created a test openmeetings room and when i
try to access it i get a

Error 109 (net::ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE): Unable to reach the server.

inside the OpenMeetings frame in the Moodle website, from Google Chrome.

I have added in my router every port (5080, 8088, 9999, 1935, 4445, 8443)
and on my CentOS machine i have added all of these ports on the firewall,
with SELinux disabled.

A main problem is that my ISP is blocking requests to my public ip from my
in other words i cannot access from inside my
Plus, i am not able to use ports 80 and 8080 to run the website there
because my ISP blocks them so as not to collide with the web interface of
the router that runs there.

Could it be an issue that the request to the openmeetings server is coming
from an address which looks like and not the
usual (in other words if there is a problem that
the request is coming from a url that has a port as well)

Thank you

Constantinos Ntzoufras

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