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From Info 3bits <>
Subject Re: Updatd Debian Guide Uploaded - 08/02/2013
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2013 12:02:44 GMT

I still have issues in some texts.

For example, when I copy WEB-INF then I paste WEB.INF

I noticed the same problem in other lines for example when you untar a file: tar .zxvf instead
of tar -zxvf

I was investigating more in the PDF file and I hope I found the problem.

The source document is created with ANSI encoding (Windows?) and the PDF is also using ANSI
encoding. Usually servers are ready for UTF-8 and not ANSI and that's the reason of the problem.

If you copy a text and paste in Notepad++ as ANSI it shows well but if the document is in
UTF-8 then it fails and even change some characters like dash for dot.

So the solution is to create the source docuement in UTF-8 and it should work.


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