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Subject Re: some behavior between moodle-sites and OM 2.x
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2013 11:24:04 GMT
Hello again,

just one question to the type of room called Audience or Interview:
If I try to create form the moodle-site a Audience/Interview room OM is
not able to create the right type of room. In that case I am not able to
enter the room form thru the moodle link. It works if I assign the type of
room interview for th SOAP-created room as an OM-administrator.

Is there a way to fix it? Is it a problem of the moodle-OM-plugin or do I
have to change something on OM-site?

Thank you for your help!

> Hello,
> I set up two different moodle-sites with the openmeetings-plugin[1] and
> connected the moodle-instances to my OM 2.0 installation. This works fine.
> The classrooms are created on the OM-site and the users who entered these
> classrooms are also created on the OM-site.
> But two/three things I found out:
> The organisations (the names of the moodle-instances) are not created on
> the OM-site. And there are also no assignments from a classroom to a
> moodle-instance/organisation. As an OM-admin I can create these
> assignments by hand. But is there a way to do it remotely?
> The next thing is, I asked it here in the mailinglist earlier: If I create
> a recording with one moodle-instance, I can integrate the recording in
> this moodle-site (A) but also in the second moodle-site (B). Is there a
> way to separate - as an OM-admin the recordings - that a teacher from
> moodle-instance A can only see and intergrate the recordings belonging to
> A and the moodle-teacher from B will see only the recordings from the
> moodle-instance B?
> Last but not least: If I'm deleting as a moodle-teacher a classroom link
> in moodle from inside a moodle-course the classroom still exists on the
> OM-site and the uploaded data and recordings remain on the OM-server. Is
> this the intention? Or is it possible to delete all the data belonging to
> that classroom from the moodle-site?
> Thank you very much for help,
> Michael
> [1]

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