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Subject RE: ffmpeg-package from for OM 2.x
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2013 13:38:52 GMT

now it works for me (OM 2.0 with debian squeeze 64bit). I installed the
latest Version of ffmpeg and marked the package as 6:1.1.2. ;-)

But there is still one problem. I made a recording of a live-classroom and
the recordning was playable/visible in the webfrontend but not the
download version, neither the avi- nor the flv-file was playable. I only
saw a black screen.

Have you any idea?

Thank you very much,

when you do checkinstall you must modify the default version.
For example, the package version on Ubuntu server 12.04 is 4:0.8.5
Using checkinstall on 0.11.2 source gives a version 0.11.2
You must modify it to be 4:0.11.2
Next time you update your packages, ffmpeg installed version won't be

> The latest guide I just uploaded also uses 1.1.2 and compiles fine on
> Debian.
> I'll add a section on the guide for people to change the version when
> using checkinstall.
> Cheers

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