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Subject Problems with installing OM 2.1 on postgresql
Date Sat, 09 Feb 2013 14:23:04 GMT

I tried to install the latest build of OM 2.1
(2.1.0.r1444299-09-02-2013_0050) on postgres (9.1) under debian wheezy.

But the last five tables of the database (user, user_contact, user_data,
user_level, whiteboard) where not created, not by using the red5-script
for init.d nor by using the red5-debug script.

What do I have to do to finish the installation?

In general:
Is it possilbe to use postgresql instead of mysql? Or is mysql the
reference-database for OM?

Thank you for your help!

PS: Here are an excerpt of the postgres-log:
2013-02-09 16:07:24 CET ANWEISUNG:  CREATE TABLE user (id BIGSERIAL NOT
NULL, activatehash VARCHAR(255), age TIMESTAMP, availible INTEGER, deleted
BOOL, externalUserId VARCHAR(255), externalUserType VARCHAR(255),
firstname VARCHAR(255), forceTimeZoneCheck BOOL, language_id BIGINT,
lastlogin TIMESTAMP, lastname VARCHAR(255), lasttrans BIGINT, level_id
BIGINT, login VARCHAR(255), password VARCHAR(255), pictureuri
VARCHAR(255), regdate TIMESTAMP, resethash VARCHAR(255), salutations_id
BIGINT, sendSMS BOOL, show_contact_data BOOL,
show_contact_data_to_contacts BOOL, starttime TIMESTAMP, status INTEGER,
updatetime TIMESTAMP, user_offers VARCHAR(255), user_searchs VARCHAR(255),
adresses_id BIGINT, omtimezoneId BIGINT, sip_user_id BIGINT, PRIMARY KEY

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