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From "BBS Technik" <>
Subject Re: GSoC project ideas wanted
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2013 20:23:41 GMT
Hi all,

I think, one of the gratest liminations for satisfactory video conferencing with om is the
limited bandwidth of internet connections of the clients .
Therefore I would like to suggest the following ideas for a GSoC project :

1. The image size of the videos transferred from the om server to the clients should be adapted
to the video window size set in the recipient client.
Thus the recipient client itself could influence the transferred amount of data to it.
Then all the participants achieve the best possible result for them.

2. A second proposal concerns that the screensharing  bandwidth requirements has an great
impact on the overall quality of the video conference.
Here, in a project the existing function of sreen sharing could be expanded and enhanced.
For example, the possibility for the transfer on only one application window, regardless of
its size.
Or the possibility of shared browsing with a locally installed browser.
Moreover, certainly an improvement of the used compression method would be a very good project

I would be  happy if the subject of bandwidth consumption would plays a role in the selected
GSoC project .

Best regards


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> Datum: Tue, 12 Feb 2013 08:44:54 +1300
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> Betreff: GSoC project ideas wanted

> Google Summer of Code is about to start soon!
> Google sponsors every student with 4500USD. Plus 500 for the Apache
> Foundation.
> We are searching for ideas what porential students can do.
> Ideas from Non-Developers are welcome too!
> We will add the ideas to JIRA then with a special label so students can
> find it.
> Sebastian

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