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From Info 3bits <>
Subject Re: Problems with documentation
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2013 19:20:18 GMT

I still have problems with the /etc/init.d/red5 when I copy the text in the guide and paste
into the editor.

First I get the garbage again when copy while in the lines is working well.

Second, the PDF header and footer are also copied so you need to clean the code later when
pasted in the editor.

And fially and more serious, the red5 can't start. I compared the files with the txt and is
exact so I guess is some problem related with the startup script or the code garbage.

The error I get is: 

~$ sudo /etc/init.d/red5 start
start-stop-daemon: --start needs --exec or --startas
Try 'start-stop-daemon --help' for more information.
/etc/init.d/red5: 87: --chdir: not found

Could someone verify if the red5 start script is right?


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