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From "Stephen Cottham" <>
Subject RE: Problem with RTMPS
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2013 09:28:10 GMT
Hey Sebastian,


The following are the steps taken from my guide on the wiki, can you check you have done each



To use RTMPS do the following: 


First make some changes to the red5-core.xml file by issuing the following: 


cd /usr/lib/red5/conf 

vi red5-core.xml 


now uncomment <!-- RTMPS --> section by removing the <!-- and the --> leaving


<bean id="rtmpsMinaIoHandler" 


        <property name="handler" ref="rtmpHandler" /> 

        <property name="codecFactory" ref="rtmpCodecFactory" /> 

        <property name="rtmpConnManager" ref="rtmpMinaConnManager" /> 

        <property name="keyStorePassword" value="${rtmps.keystorepass}" /> 

        <property name="keystoreFile" value="conf/keystore" /> 


    <bean id="rtmpsTransport" class="" init-

method="start" destroy-method="stop"> 

        <property name="ioHandler" ref="rtmpsMinaIoHandler" /> 

        <property name="connectors"> 


                <bean class=""> 

                    <constructor-arg index="0" type="java.lang.String" value="${}"

                    <constructor-arg index="1" type="int" value="${rtmps.port}" /> 




                <property name="ioThreads" value="${rtmp.io_threads}" /> 

        <property name="jmxPollInterval" value="1000" /> 

        <property name="tcpNoDelay" value="${rtmp.tcp_nodelay}" /> 



Save this file and then do the following: 


cd /usr/lib/red5/conf 



set rtmps.port=5443

rtmps.keystorepass=password (password = password you set on your new keystore)

Now edit config.xml by doing the following: 


cd /usr/lib/red5/webapps/openmeetings/ 

vi config.xml 


Set these following values: 







To use HTTPS do the following: 


First make a backup of the original jee-container file by doing the following: 


cd /usr/lib/red5/conf 

mv jee-container.xml jee-container.xml.orig 


Then rename the SSL jee template 


mv jee-container-ssl.xml jee-container.xml 


Now edit the config.xml 


cd /usr/lib/red5/webapps/openmeetings/ 

vi config.xml 


set these values:





Lastly edit by doing the following:


cd /usr/lib/red5/conf 







Now restart OM using the following: 


/etc/init.d/red5 restart 


We can now connect using the following link: 






Best Regards



From: Sebastian Paul [] 
Sent: 16 January 2013 21:03
Subject: Re: Problem with RTMPS


hey thank you.
i tried out this, but it's still falling back to port 8088 :-(

Am 16.01.2013 21:40, schrieb Vsevolod: 

Hello! I think you must set <red5httpport>443</red5httpport>

Среда, 16 января 2013, 8:37 +01:00 от Sebastian Paul <>
<> :

hmmm. the proxy-type is already set to "best" :-(

Am 16.01.2013 08:34, schrieb Maxim Solodovnik: 

Proxy type should be set to 'best'.
I'll try to double check

On Jan 16, 2013 2:25 PM, "Sebastian Paul" < <>
> wrote:


<rtmpsslport>5443</ rtmpsslport>

but SSL is activated: <useSSL>yes</useSSL>

so rtmps should used automatically, should'nt?
or did I forget something?


Am 16.01.2013 03:30, schrieb Maxim Solodovnik: 

What port is specified in your config.xml?

On Jan 16, 2013 2:19 AM, "Sebastian Paul" < <>
> wrote:

Hello all,

I'd like to run openmeetings with SSL-Encrypted RTMPS (Port 5443) and HTTPS (Port 443)
I've configured all how discribed here: openmeetings/RTMPSAndHTTPS. html <>

HTTPS is working fine, but RTMPS is not working... i checked it with wireshark and it's still
using RTMPT running on port 8088.

config.xml: d/0B1- Xuk92YDmVSEVfTDJyTlpVNlk/edit <> d/0B1- Xuk92YDmVbThyYWlzZEQtVFU/edit <>

all Firewalls (server and clients) are turned off.
Openmeetings Version running: 2.0

Can someone help me?


Stephen Cottham
Group IT Manager (Associate)

Robert Bird Group
Level 5, 333 Ann St
Brisbane, Queensland, 4000, Australia
Phone: +6173 319 2777 (AUS)
Phone: +44207 633 2880 (UK)
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