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From Patrick Begou <>
Subject Re: Strange echo with openmeeting
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2013 17:38:41 GMT
Before falling back into my problems, let me wish you an happy new years and all 
my gratitude for the help you provide on this forum.

I'm still having this "echo problem" but during these holidays I get some new 
tests and observations which, may be, could be useful to solve this problem.

When we ran some tests in the same building, without any head-set, with the same 
PCs all was working fine. There was no echo.

I had a long discussion using openmeeting with my colleague and I notice several 
- the delay between my speech and the echo increase during the session
- the ofset between the video and the voice increase during the session (I see 
my colleague speaking and many seconds later I hear his voice)

I've seen that Openmeeting do not require a large bandwith on the network, and 
my openmeeting server has a dedicated ethernet connection for openmeeting but 
could this problem be related to a network bandwith or is the echo responsible 
for the increasing delay ?

Thanks for all your advices.


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