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From "BBS Technik" <>
Subject Re: on screen sharing: right-click and VNC
Date Sun, 27 Jan 2013 16:45:51 GMT

I also think, the usability could be increased, when the sreensharing function would be enhanced.
Most problems my users tell to me, are arround the sreensharing.
I know, that it is hard to  get sreensharing to work performant across os borders.

For better understanding: 
Could one of the developers explain the  differences between the  sreensharing options in
om? 0 and 1 are offered in the config, but for example 4 works too. Are there some hidden
features? ;-)

Often my users only want to share a browser window. Is there a chance to rebirth the shared
browseing function from one of the former om versions? It could solve a lot of trouble.

An other helpful workarround could be to have a sceenshot filled in to the whiteboard with
a keystroke or copy and past.

Also could it helpful to have only one application window transfered to the conferece participants.

Perhaps the advanced functions could be added to the feature list of om 2.2+.

But at the end, I want to thank all the developers for their realy good job and the patience
with all the user questions on the list.

Best regards


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> Datum: Sun, 27 Jan 2013 15:15:13 +0100
> Von: Bart Coninckx <>
> An:
> Betreff: on screen sharing: right-click and VNC

> All,
> I'm currently experimenting with OM and it looks darn good.
> I have some questions regarding the screen sharing functionality though:
> 1. I noticed that right clicking on a Windows shared desktop does not 
> function because it is overruled by the flash settings context menu. 
> However, I found on this page: 
> that one can disable it.
> Are there any plans towards that?
> 2. by reading the archives I noticed that the bandwidth for the screen 
> sharing seems to be relatively high. Has it ever been considered to use 
> a VNC server for this (possibly in Java or OS based)? I guess that would 
> be very beneficial as far as bandwidth is concerned.
> Cheers,
> BC

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