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From "Coscend@OM" <>
Subject Hiding a CUSTOM Toolbar in Conference Room
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2016 17:50:20 GMT
Dear OpenMeetings Developers,

We have added 5 CUSTOM toolbars to conference rooms.  We would like to hide a few of them
in specific conference rooms.  Upon entering the room, hiding of the toolbars work perfectly.
 However, after a few clicks on the toolbar items, all the hidden toolbars in a conference
room appear.  We are seeking guidance to solve this issue of not being able to hide a toolbar
during the entire session.

As Maxim suggested last week, we added the following [DETAILS] sample snippet in:
4. RoomsPanel.html

Thank you.

  @Column(name = "hide_SAMPLE_ABCToolbar")
	@Element(data = true, required = false)
	private boolean hideSAMPLE_ABCToolbar;

	public boolean getHideSAMPLE_ABCToolbar () {
		return hideSAMPLE_ABCToolbar ;
	public void setHideGeoWorldToolbar(boolean hideGeoWorldToolbar ) {
		this.hideSAMPLE_ABCToolbar  = hideSAMPLE_ABCToolbar ;

public class RoomDTO implements Serializable {
	private boolean SAMPLE_ABCToolbarHidden;   

public class RoomForm extends AdminBaseForm<Room> {
	public RoomForm(String id, WebMarkupContainer roomList, final Room room) {

		add(new CheckBox("hideSAMPLE_ABCToolbar"));

         <div class="formelement">
                 <label><wicket:message key="1710" /></label><input type="checkbox"
class="formcheckbox" wicket:id="hideSAMPLE_ABCToolbar" />


Hemant K. Sabat

Coscend Communications Solutions
Web site: 
CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: See 'Confidentiality Notice Regarding E-mail Messages from Coscend
Communications Solutions' posted at: 

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From: Maxim Solodovnik [] 
Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2016 12:07 AM
To: dev <>;
Subject: Re: Hiding a Menu Item in Conference Room

hideTopBar works as expected (you can check it here

RoomWebService is still available via both REST and SOAP you can use this method [1] to add
Room and need to set 'topBarHidden' property for RoomDTO object to true while adding


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