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From "" <>
Subject Re: Build system migration
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2014 09:02:44 GMT
We would like to go away from a highly customized build process to a
standardize process to build, develop, release and test software.

While Ant is tool which is good to compile software we are already need to
extend it with Ivy to get dependency management. While Ivy is also using
Maven repositories in the end. Maven will integrate that in one tool
without hacking our own way.

Maven further has standardized hooks for instance to release software. For
example this entire naming convention "-SNAPSHOT" that we simulate
manually, actually its root is from Maven, where this is just the way Maven
calls the packages. And Maven supplies a build target to create a release,
commit the tag to the SVN and update the main branch to with the version
name in one go.
Same for Testing, we simulate Maven functionality while Maven has a build
in target that would nicely integrate with Jenkins to generate our test
reports. Building the test suite is part of the Maven release and build
process. So every build will automatically include the regression test.
Instead of us manually somehow hook some hand coded ant builds in some
order, Maven would do that.
In other words: It is not just a tool to compile something, it is framework
for the entire software development life cycle , build, develop, test and

Besides that it makes it easier for us to build components that are less
coupled and can life on their own. We can build multiple Maven plugins.
While we do not see use in some of our JARs and classes, others might be.
The more accessible we make our project the easier it will be for 3rd party
to hook into our application and contribute something.

Our ANT script is pretty much an organic grown monster. I started it with
10 lines of build script. Now it is thousands. For anybody beyond you and
me this is pretty much un-maintainable. And with Maven we do not only solve
that but also can get rid of some of the custom build script as it is
already build into Maven.

So from my point of view that would be a very desirable goal to migrate to
Maven. It is probably not as straightforward as switching a couple of
flags, but the longer we wait the more difficult it will be to maintain
what we have.

On Apr 4, 2014 9:26 PM, "Maxim Solodovnik" <> wrote:

> Hello Sebastian,
> I have started to migrate our build system to maven.
> Could you please remind me why do we need such migration?
> --
> Maxim aka solomax

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