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From "" <>
Subject Re: Current usage of the pom.xml
Date Sun, 27 Apr 2014 20:54:36 GMT
Hi Maxim,

awesome news! I will test this in the next couple of days.

One of the upcoming tasks would be to have Maven also create and manage our
release process.

Normally with Maven you can release a new package with one line of mvn.
Something like mvn release:release -version 3.0.2 -nextVersion

What normally happens when you use that command is that it:
1) Create the release artifacts with the correct Version name without
2) Uploads the release artifacts to the Maven repository
3) Create a SVN-Tag for the release version
4) Update and increase the pom.xml with the version string of the next

This is basically all described in the Maven release plugin:

There is even a guide how to do this for Maven for the Apache Foundation:

The guide also shows how to configure Maven to automatically sign the

I think on the long run it would be really worthwhile considering applying
this guide. Making a release is currently a multi-step process.
With this guide we might be able to shrink it to one command. That makes it
a lot more handy for the release manager (and also for anybody else that
wants to step up into that role).

Maybe we try to use this guide when we are ready for the next release. What
do you think ?


2014-04-28 3:56 GMT+12:00 Maxim Solodovnik <>:

> Hello Sebastian,
> here are the migration news: all modules seems to be converted :)
> Assembly and site building need to be added. Will try to add this in the
> end of next week.
> Additional task is: developer "fast" build should be added
> On Sat, Apr 12, 2014 at 1:31 PM, Maxim Solodovnik <>wrote:
>> Hello Sebastian,
>> I'm currently in the middle of my trip from ApacheCon Denver :)
>> I really enjoy the conference this year.
>> Maven build status is: the very first initial version is ready: artifacts
>> are able to build with tests turned off.
>> Next steps would be:
>> 1) add build of flash component (with action script migration, to remove
>> openlazlo dependency)
>> 2) add red5 server retrieving
>> 3) add step to create big package of everything currently being released
>> 4) add steps for our webstart app.
>> I believe it will require lots of work and refactoring.
>> Hopefully I'll be able to finish this, maven community seems to be
>> responcive enough and they already help me a lot.
>> I currently would like to release 3.0.1, resolve couple of issues and
>> then continue with the build.
>>  On Apr 12, 2014 6:31 AM, "" <>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi Maxim,
>>> how are you doing? I have seen a number of changes in the project
>>> structure. I think its exciting to see those changes. It gives us the
>>> chance to get rid of quite a bit of custom build scripts in the future.
>>> I was wondering if we need to update the Build Instructions yet?
>>> Is the there a dependency between the pom.xml and the build.xml or are
>>> this two completely independent build files ?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Sebastian
>>> --
>>> Sebastian Wagner
> --
> Maxim aka solomax

Sebastian Wagner!/dead_lock

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