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Subject Custom links to OM pages
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2014 06:18:18 GMT
I'm trying to add link custom links to OM pages.

This link will be in StartWidgetView.html: <a 
href="#rooms/group">Private Rooms</a>

I have also another link in top controls on the upper right 
<span id="dash"><a wicket href="#user/dashboard">Dashboard</a></span>

When I first time click Private Rooms link - it works. But when in 
Private Rooms page I click that Dashboard link it does not work. It only 
changes path in browser but does not load page itself.

For example:
1. I click Private rooms - it loads private rooms page
2. In Private Rooms page I click Dashboard - it does not load dashboard. 
It only changes url in browser but does not load page itself.

I have tried different links but always the same thing:
<a href="#rooms/group">Private Rooms</a>
<a wicket href="#user/dashboard">Dashboard</a>
<wicket:link><a href="#rooms/group">Private Rooms</a></wicket:link>

So how to create working links for Private rooms and Dashboard?


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