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From Andun Sameera <>
Subject GSOC: Need to implement HTML5 whiteboard
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2013 11:37:12 GMT
Hi Devs,

I am Andun Sameera. These days I am working with GSOC related
Issue. We had lot of discussions and decisions related to this
project. I am moving that discussion to the mailing list today
onwards. I will list some important points first,

- Our main goal is to implement the basic functionalities of
Whiteboard using HTML5 and Apache Wicket. Those basic functionalities
will be Painting, Draw Line, Draw Shapes, Type Text etc. Other
functionalities like document importing kind of things are done in
separate project.

- In the current code-base the the parent component of the Whiteboard,
the Room component is not implemented yet. Maxim is going to implement
that after this release cycle is over. After that we have the space to
plug the Whiteboard In.

- We have discussed  to implement the Whiteboard using a Canvas and a
Javascript Library on top of Wickets.

- After some work and reading I have found that
is a good library for the above task. Also it is compatible with
Apache Licences.

These days I am working with kineticjs to do a POC. Your ideas are
welcomed in this discussion!

Also I like to introduce my self, I am a final year undergraduate of
Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University Of Moratuwa
who is willing to participate in GSOC 2013. I had lot of experiences
using and developing Apache Software Foundation projects. I had the
chance to complete my software engineering internship at WSO2 Lanka
Pvt Ltd (, which is a leading middle-ware solutions
development company. Since they are using most of the Apache projects
to build there solutions, I had many chances to get a good exposure to
the projects and there code-bases. Specially I had the chance to  work
with Synapse, Axis2, AXIOM, Tomcat, CXF, Tiles etc. Here are some
important projects I did,

- Streaming XPath Parser for WSO2 ESB which is built on top of Synapse
ESB. (
wso2-esb) This implementation provides a high performance XPath parser
to the Synapse ESB which is the core of WSO2 ESB.

- Improving the performance of XSLT Transformation mediator of WSO2
ESB using data streams.

- Implementing a Entitlement Servlet Filter for WSO2 Application
Server which is built on top of AXIS2

- Creating and On-Line portal to mange Patches provided to code in
WSO2. This was built on top of JIRA and WSO2 Governance Registry.

All of the theses projects have their own UI parts. So I had to work
with JSP, JQuery, JavaScript, AJAX and Apache Tiles a lot.

You can find more about my other project and works from my LinkedIn
profile -
or from my blog

Thank You!


Andun S.L. Gunawardana
Department of Computer Science And Engineering
University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

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