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From "" <>
Subject Re: [OT] ApacheCon / showing an OpenMeetings version compiled with the Apache Flex 4.8 SDK?
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2012 08:09:34 GMT

please review the available tracks:

It is likely that a OpenMeetings talk will be listed in the OpenOffice track.
That is also what is written down in the track proposal:

OpenMeetings runs in the area of "Social Collaboration"

I think it is good to combine the track to a Flex, Flex is also a new
Incubator project and I guess chances to get a track approved are
higher if we show how well integrated OpenMeetings is in the Apache

My proposal for a talk would be:
Showing the fundamentals of a Audio/Video Conference in OpenMeetings
as a live demo with a short live video conference. Maybe with some
people from the Dataved team in Novosibirsk that works @ OpenMeetings
could not attend at the conference.

Streaming technologies used in OpenMeetings to enable social collaboration:
Red5/Flash Platform, Streaming and transcoding

The future of Flash and integration with Apache Flex SDK.

My proposal is that maybe Maxim could show the fundamentals of
OpenMeetings, I could cover the Streaming part, Raju could cover the
Future of Flash.

What do you folks think about that?
To submit that proposal I would need some details about your
Curriculum Vitae(s) so that I can add this information to the

Please let me know soon, as the deadline for submitting proposals is near.


2012/7/30 Raju Bitter <>:
> No, I didn't submit a paper. But I haven't really used OpenMeetings
> enough to do any presentation on the project. Do you have something
> specific in mind?
> Two folks on the Flex mailing list have responded positive to the idea
> of connecting the projects at the conference:
> Here's what I sent to the apache-flex dev list:
>> The Apache OpenMeetings team is going to be presenting at the
>> conference (open source web conferencing solution based on
>> OpenLaszlo). I can integrate the Flex 4.8.0 SDK into OpenLaszlo, and
>> if the OpenMeetings would agree, they could be the first Apache
>> Incubator project using the Apache Flex SDK to build their
>> application. Would be a nice showcase for the Apache Flex SDK...
> Alex Harui (the key Apache Flex developer paid by Adobe) said:
>> Sounds interesting!  Go for it!
>> --
>> Alex Harui
>> Flex SDK Team
>> Adobe Systems, Inc.
>> via
>> to flex-dev
>> We could make out a time and place where all Flexers could meet.
>> I would be happy to personally get to know you guys :-)
>> Chris
> What would be the best way to provide an OpenLaszlo version with the
> Apache Flex SDK for OpenMeetings? Guess we'd need a mavenized
> repository of OpenLaszlo with Apache Flex, right?
> How many of you are going to be present at the conference? Should we
> set up a meeting of the OpenLaszlo/OpenMeetings and Apache Flex
> community at the conference? That should be fun!
> Raju

Sebastian Wagner!/dead_lock

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