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From "" <>
Subject Re: [OT] ApacheCon / showing an OpenMeetings version compiled with the Apache Flex 4.8 SDK?
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2012 09:54:45 GMT
I have submitted a proposal

*Submitted by*
Sebastian Wagner
There are many ways to communicate with other people. Wiki's, websites,
documents, emails are probably the most important ones at this time. But
the nature of humans is to speak and to see the reaction in the face of the
person you are communicating with. Apache OpenMeetings might offer a way to
solve that by providing Audio/Video and collaboration tools.
*Audience Level*
*Abstract*Communication changes

While current tools concentrate on asynchronous communication (mail,
document, wiki) the future might be more concentrating on synchronous
communication tools like phone and video. The advantages are multiple, but
the most important might be simply because people are lazy. Why writing a
long email if you can simply speak to somebody which only takes about 10%
of the time?
Introduction to Web-Conferencing with Apache OpenMeetings

We will show some of the key feature of a Video-Conference with Apache
OpenMeetings. The most obvious is of course Audio/Video, but also shared
whiteboard, editing document as well as screen sharing and remote control
Streaming and real-time collaboration

Streaming technologies are an essantial part of a Web-Conferencing
software. Technologies may vary but the difficulties are the same.
OpenMeetings uses API functions of the Red5 streaming service. Red5 is a
modified Tomcat that heavily uses Apache Mina to produce streamable content.
The future of Flash

After we have been looking at the server side of life we concentrate on the
client side technologies. Obviously OpenMeetings is using a Flash client.
But under the hood is generates the Flash SWF with OpenLaszlo and the Flex.
This might enable a HTML5 client in the future. We will explain some of the
key concept involved here and shed some light on the possible future.
*Private Notes*

About the speakers:

Maxim Solodovnik - PPMC member of Apache OpenMeetings Long term contributor
at Apache OpenMeetgs

Sebastian Wagner (@dead_lock) - PPMC and founder Apache OpenMeetings
Founder of OpenMeetings and contributor to the Media Components of the
OpenLaszlo RIA Platform. Regular Speakers at MoodleMoots in Germany, Italy,

Raju Bitter (@rajubitter) - Open Source and RIA Evangelist

Please let me know additional material about yourself that you would like
to be added to the Private Notes or if you feel like you want to change the


2012/8/2 Raju Bitter <>:
> On Wed, Aug 1, 2012 at 10:09 AM,
> <> wrote:
>> OpenMeetings runs in the area of "Social Collaboration"
>> I think it is good to combine the track to a Flex, Flex is also a new
>> Incubator project and I guess chances to get a track approved are
>> higher if we show how well integrated OpenMeetings is in the Apache
>> World.
> Makes a lot of sense, I agree.
>> My proposal for a talk would be:
>> Intro:
>> Showing the fundamentals of a Audio/Video Conference in OpenMeetings
>> as a live demo with a short live video conference. Maybe with some
>> people from the Dataved team in Novosibirsk that works @ OpenMeetings
>> could not attend at the conference.
>> Streaming technologies used in OpenMeetings to enable social
>> Red5/Flash Platform, Streaming and transcoding
>> The future of Flash and integration with Apache Flex SDK.
>> My proposal is that maybe Maxim could show the fundamentals of
>> OpenMeetings, I could cover the Streaming part, Raju could cover the
>> Future of Flash.
>> What do you folks think about that?
> I'd prefer to talk about the the future of Flash, Apache Flex SDK
> integration, and a possible OpenLaszlo HTML5 based version of the AV
> functionality. If OpenMeetings would have both SWF and HTML5 support
> for web conferencing, that would be huge.
>> To submit that proposal I would need some details about your
>> Curriculum Vitae(s) so that I can add this information to the
>> proposal.
> I'll send you a paragraph of text with CV/background information later
> today (very busy until 4pm today).
> - Raju

Sebastian Wagner!/dead_lock

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