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From Vieri <>
Subject SOAP and LDAP authentication
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2012 10:18:26 GMT

I configured an LDAP authentication module in OpenMeetings so that when a user logs in he/she
must select a "domain" (local or LDAP).
This works fine on the web UI.

However, when accessing via SOAP I use the UserService method: loginUser ( String SID , String
username , String userpass ) but the domain can't be specified.
So LDAP user authentication via SOAP fails while "local" user authentication via SOAP succeeds.

The information was taken from:

The older (obsolete) site contains more information (!):

It states "Username from OpenMeetings, the user has to have Admin-rights".
That makes sense although I suppose that a "moderator" level should be enough.

On a fresh OpenMeetings install, LDAP users don't appear in the "User management" tool in
the web UI until they have logged in at least once.
So I logged in once with an LDAP user and then logged in as a local admin and changed the
LDAP user's level to "admin".

Still, the SOAP login request with the LDAP user fails.

getErrorByCode yields "Invalid password" (-11).

Using OM 2.0 from ASF.

Any suggestions?
What debug info whould you require?
Or is LDAP/AD authentication unsupported via SOAP?



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