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From German Grekhov <>
Subject Re: [GSoC 2012] German Grekhov proposal
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2012 09:44:56 GMT

thanks for your fast answer. Ok, I have understood that video stream
resolution auto-adjusting is unuseful feature. So, about your

> Adjustment of the stream and measuring bandwidth while conferencing is
> basically a streaming server feature...
> So if you are going to work on that, your task will be:
> - analysing which events are available in Red5
> - defining which scenarios we can realise using those events and features
> in Red5
> - implementing such scenarios

Have I understood right that upload stream from a user with a wide
connection is with high quality, but then when it has gone to the
server the quality of the download stream could be changed for a user
with narrow connection? What do you think about the importance of the

> A completely separated thing would be to implement an initial load Tester:
> A separated tool (comparable to SpeedTest) that checks if you have
> sufficient down/upload rate, can connect to needed ports and measures your
> ping time. Such a "bandwidth detection tool" would be implemented as
> standalong application as you would do that test even outside of
> OpenMeetings.

How do you estimate this task? Is it the task for whole GSoC or just a
part? If it is for the whole GSoC, I could make it.

Unfortunately, we have not much time because the proposal should be
uploaded until the 6th of April, so I need harry up with this choice.


> 2012/4/2 <>
>> Hi German,
>> thanks for the proposal!
>> Could you please explain a bit more detailed what you are going to do and
>> what tools and methods you will be exactly using? For example for UI
>> changes it is common that you might include a small mackup that describes
>> the changes.
>> About the automatic bandwidth detection / adjustment:
>> I would like to know what process you imagine to adjust the bandwidth. To
>> detect the bandwidth is one thing, however to change somebodys bandwidth
>> you would need to re-publish his stream with different video settings.  The
>> width and height of the video has the biggest impact on bandwidth. However
>> changing the video pod width/height "auto-magically" is no option... the
>> user chooses that value.
>> The bandwidth detection also cannot change the download rate of anybody,
>> you can only influence the upload bandwidth. If you want to change
>> somebodys download rate the only option you got is turning on/off video as
>> we don't provide different streams available for each participant.
>> Measuring the bandwidth while you are doing conferencing is also not that
>> easy, you can hardly do load test permanently while conferencing as the
>> bandwidth test will affect the conference (for example audio will stutter
>> et cetera).
>> So I wonder what exactly have you in mind ? What tools and methods are you
>> going to use ?
>> Thanks!
>> Sebastian
>> 2012/4/2 German Grekhov <>
>>> Hello.
>>> I'm German Grekhov. I want to take a part in Google Summer of code
>>> with the OpenMeetings project.
>>> You could find and read my proposal here:
>>> Everybody has the right of commenting this document.
>>> Best regards,
>>> German Grekhov.
>> --
>> Sebastian Wagner
>> <>
> --
> Sebastian Wagner
> <>

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