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From "" <>
Subject Re: Video components brunch merged to trunk ... but lots of things to do still
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2012 10:47:37 GMT

I planned to change the SWF10 app behaviour as following:

1) Clean Up SWF10 Connection to Red5
- Connect to RTMP (or RTMPT, RTMPS) if the user enters the room. And
disconnect when leaving.
- Connect to RTMP (or RTMPT, RTMPS) if the user enters the recording app.
And disconnect when leaving.
=> There is no need to parse the XML for the SWF10 app, it is enough to
send the SWF10 container a connect/disconnect message and a param with the
URL. Currently it parses the XML in the SWF10 app which is not needed.

2) Clean Up component library in SWF10
The SWF10 app has a long list of included components but the majority is
not in use, what is not is use should be deleted.

3) Clean up references to canvas in SWF10
the SWF10 app often has references to canvas, but the wrong canvas, it
behaves like referencing the SWF8 app with the whiteboard. Everytime it
receives a null pointer exception the SWF10 script just stops working ...
besides that the reference is just wrong. The references to canvas in SWF10
all need to be fixed.

4) Clean up video components in the SWF8 app
The SWF8 app needs to be cleaned up from all audio/video components. It
just makes things complicated especially now where you have two classes
with identical names but used in different runtimes

It would be nice to generate a general "subscribe" mechanism where
applications like the SWF10 app can register to receive events. That way we
can enable a more general plugin loader.

Thats would be my proposal for the Roadmap,
happy to hear your feedback.


2012/2/2 <>

> Hi Timur,
> I've merged the video-components branch to trunk. There are a still a
> lot of things to do.
> There are still a lot of problems in the various modus and also the
> new features like resizing the video according to the settings and the
> sync to the remote screen for the video size or the muting will not
> work.
> We now also have a lot of duplicated classes in the SWF10 client and
> the usual client. There is need to clean up and to design a proper API
> for the two client side applications how they interact with each
> other.
> Sebastian
> --
> Sebastian Wagner

Sebastian Wagner

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