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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject Re: @sqlresultsetmapping columns
Date Sun, 28 Feb 2016 18:56:09 GMT
How does your source code look like?
Maybe the problem is not in the orm.xml but in how you created your combined pk?


> Am 24.02.2016 um 22:43 schrieb ram <>:
> Hi,        i have an entity called order which contains 10 columns and also has embeded
id(composite key)  coulmns which contains 5 fields in entity order.
>  i was trying to build sql resultsetmapping in orm.xml
> <named-native-query name="OrderQuery" result-set-mapping="OrderQueryResultSetMapping">
<query><![CDATA[SELECT t0.colum2, t0.column4, to.embededid.colum3,   e mbededid.colum1,
FROM order  t0 WHERE t0.orderid = ?1 ]]></query> </named-native-query>
> <sql-result-set-mapping name="OrderQueryResultSetMapping"> <entity-result entity-class="order">
<field-result name="column2" column="column_2" /> <field-result name="column4" column="column_4"
/> </entity-result> <entity-result entity-class="orderembededId">  <field-result
name="column3" column="column_3" /> <field-result name="column4"1column="column_1" />
</entity-result> </sql-result-set-mapping>
> i don't have issues in query execution, but getting error in sqlResultSetMapping.   i
am getting the following error.
> Exception in thread "main" <openjpa-2.4.0-r422266:1674604 fatal general error>
org.apache.openjpa.persistence.PersistenceException: [jcc][t4][10145][10897][3.58.81] Invalid
parameter 0: Parameter index is out of range. ERRORCODE=-4461, SQLSTATE=42815
> can we do this kind of mapping? if so, how do client knows what are the columns are populated
for Order entity as part of this query.

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