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From sim085 <>
Subject Re: Why is EntityManager refresh(...) not working for me?
Date Thu, 22 May 2014 16:44:51 GMT
Thanks Kevin,

You immediately showed me the right direction! CascadeType.REFRESH solved my
problem. I was thinking that my refreshing the root object User then when
calling getHobbyList() I would also get a fresh version of each Hobby. I
implemented the CascadeType.REFRESH and now it works.

Kevin Sutter wrote
> If you are calling EM.refresh() directly, you should get a refreshed
> version of the entity that is committed to the database.  Any
> relationships
> to other entities will only be refreshed if you are using the
> CascadeType.REFRESH (or ALL) specified on your relationship [1].  The
> other
> thing that can affect refreshing is the use of the L2 data cache.  Any
> chance you have that enabled?  A copy of your persistence.xml is always
> helpful with understanding your environment.  Thanks.
> [1]
> On Thu, May 22, 2014 at 10:22 AM, sim085 &lt;

> sim085@

> &gt; wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am working on a web project where the underlying database can get
>> updated
>> by an other systems. My scenario is as follows: I have the following
>> tables;
>> USERS and HOBBY. I mapped a User object with the USERS table and a Hobby
>> object with the HOBBY table. A User can have one ore more Hobby so I have
>> a
>> List
> <Hobby>
>  in User mapped using the annotation @OneToMany. A Hobby can be
>> linked with only one User so I use the annotation @ManyToOne from Hobby.
>> My problem, as indicated int he first sentence, is that the HOBBY table
>> may
>> be updated through another system (outside of JPA world). When this
>> happens,
>> when I call User user = em.find(1) the object I get does not reflect the
>> real data there is in the the database but the same data I had for this
>> User
>> as it was when I last interacted with the EntityManager for this
>> particular
>> user.
>> In other words, if User 1 had four Hobby and the other system add another
>> two Hobby to User 1 then when I go to the screen that shows me all Hobby
>> for
>> User 1 I get four because last time I got User 1 using JPA this User had
>> four Hobby!
>> I went to the Java API for the EntityManager and I found two methods:
>> *refresh(java.lang.Object entity) *
>> /Refresh the state of the instance from the database, overwriting changes
>> made to the entity, if any./
>> *flush() *
>> /Synchronize the persistence context to the underlying database./
>> I tried them both but none are working for me. Does anyone know what I am
>> doing wrong?
>> --
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