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From Harald Wellmann <>
Subject Re: OpenJPA support for JPA 2.1: when?
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2013 12:01:37 GMT
I'm not concerned about the fact that most OpenJPA committers are IBM
employees, but committership *is* de facto closed by the usual Apache
meritocracy principles.

If you don't get enough volunteers among Apache members for upgrading
OpenJPA to JPA 2.1, you might start thinking about making it easier
for people to contribute and/or become Apache members.

In the age of DVCS, contributing a feature to an open source project
should not be harder than creating an issue, forking a repository,
writing some code and submitting a pull request.

IMHO, Apache is more of a cathedral than a bazaar - for potential
contributors willing to code in their spare time, the entry barrier is
too high.

Best regards,

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